Friday, January 6, 2012


Ok, ok... whoever robbed us doesn't read our blog, but when I'm frustrated or hurt I blog about it... and frankly I'm hurt.... so... I just have to get this out there, and then I'm moving on past this whole robbery thing....

To the jerk who stole my mom's ring, you are a horrible person and I hope you realize how much you have hurt us... however, we will become stronger from this and just like every other trial my husband and I will grow closer together.

On that note... I hope you realize that this was the last thing I had of my dad's.

On that note, if you are in Hinesville or Savannah and see this ring... it's engraved on the inside with my parents initials SEN and RAD... yes, my dad was rad ;)

The crappy part was I carried those rings around for about 10 years in my purse... I put them in my jewelery armorer just about 5 months ago :(  Sad that people take things that mean so much to you.

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