Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday....

Happy Birthday Jackson Daniel!!!!!

1 year ago today the cutest, happiest, most adorable baby came into the world and our lives were changed forever!!!
My sister in law gave birth to a 9 pound bundle of cuteness and we will forever be grateful! This little boy has brought so much joy into our lives! He is the happiest baby, he loves everyone, he is so smart and so curious and just so loving! Here are some of my favorite pictures of this handsome little man...

About 4 days old...  
His debut!

Bath time!!

All snuggled up!

With Auntie Hattie after our wedding rehearsal.

His first wedding! (Uncle Andy and Auntie Randi's)

Cutest little froggie ever!

Lil' Punkin!

Dunivant famliy pictures!

He loves his Mama!

Hangin with the boys!

Love that face!!!

"More pictures Auntie?!"

Happy boy!

Our little model!

Dinner time!!

Who needs toys when you have a box??

Bath time!

Learning how to play with water with daddy!

cheese ball!

Mean muggin with Uncle Andy!

All clean!

Love that face!!!

Playing with Uncle A's glasses are fun!


"What you lookin at??"

wild man!

Sleepy time with Auntie!

sweet dreams...

happy baby!

talking on the "telephone"


love my meal time...

Glasses are fun!!

Playing "Patty cake" 

Officially part of the family now that he's gone to CB!

Jack with some of the guys in his life!
 (missing pappy, uncle Christian, and uncle Casey!)

Loves his Uncle Andy!

Happy first birthday handsome boy!! We love you more than you'll ever know!!
See you real soon! Hugs and Kisses!!

Love, Uncle Andy and Auntie Randi

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