Friday, January 13, 2012

Confess it!

Confessional Friday....
Here's my chance to confess what is going on in this snot filled head of mine... seriously, I've blown and blown and blown and still have a head that weighs 100 pounds of pure snot mess! gross, I know.

In no particular order... here we go!

I have some earrings like this, with that type of back... (CZ of course)... I wear them almost daily... well I've noticed, today, since I'm not wearing them... how much I play with the back of the earrings! It's a habbit, one of those that you just do and not realize you do until you aren't wearing them! annoying!

If I don't start to feel better, I'm going to be taking a trip HERE!
I've learned after years of this Army life... you just go to the ER. You don't waste time at the dr's office, or the quick care... you just go to the ER because things get done. fast and efficiant.

I really want some Cold Stone on my sore throat :(

This will be me all weekend... except for the teddy bear will be my little Daisy!

When I'm not resting, we will be going to look at something like this... Andy wants a truck, so we are going to have a look-see to see what we can get. His car right now is NICE and I want to be able to get him a truck while we still can! Fully loaded sports car is paying off! :)

I miss this :(  I just want to go home, curl up in some comfy clothes and watch TV! When you are sick you are suppose to stay at home in bed and watch movies or tv... not go home and do nothing because you don't have a TV! ugh.

There's my confessions... plain and simple!
Happy Friday!!!
and HAPPY 3 DAY WEEKEND!!!! (if you get one)

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