Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas vacay part uno!!

I promised you pictures... and boy are you gonna get em'! Sorry it's taken me a while... I've been a little busy! ;)

On the airplane! My hubby was smart, he brought all sorts of electronics to keep me entertained! boy does he know me!

Gorgeous right?


sideways pic... but you see how Jack is a snuggle bug!!

I'm about to delete this blog if I can't figure out how to turn them and KEEP THEM TURNED!!!
but ohmygosh he's cute!

Tired boy!!

My 2 favorite guys!!

Jack and Uncle Nate!

We got some In & Out of course.

Jack and I did lots of cuddling!

Did I mention how much these 2 adored each other?! seriously... 2 peas in a pod.

We give beer to babies... ok, not really... but the bottle does feel good on the teething gums!! :)

This face is the face of an angel!!!!

I told you... pure love right there.

Remember In & Out? Nate loved it...

Meal time!

My 2 brothers, dad and Andy all had a "guys day" and went to the Arizona Cardinals football game! They LOVED it and had tons of fun!!! Us girls got to go for pedi's and mani's... that's coming up... while they went and drank beer and watched football (it's what guys do ... right??) we checked into the Villa's, grocery shopped and put clothes away... (it's what we do ... right??) ;)

Makes me smile.

Me and my sis :)

The house I lived in, in Arizona. I wanted to show Andy everything about my childhood... at least that part! My dad put up that flag pole in the front yard.

He loves his Uncle Andy!

There you have it... part 1! :) come back for more in a few days!

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