Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Arizona and Idaho Vacation!

Trust me when I say... I really should have blogged every day that we were gone.... we did SO SO much... and I'm sitting here in the Las Vegas airport, waiting for our 4 1/2 hour layover to be over and I can't wrap my brain around all the things we did! 

So... let me just say, this was the vacation Andy and I needed! 2 1/2 weeks away, just the 2 of us with our families and friends and not even a thought about work! It was perfect.

Our time in Scottsdale went too fast... I can't even begin to tell you how adorable our nephew Jack is... that little man STOLE our hearts about 5 minutes after we saw him!! He's amazing. So smart, so funny, and is quite the character! Uncle Andy rocked him to sleep a few nights, and I think they had a good little thing going... too cute! Andy also finally got to meet my brother JD! They bonded as well, the 2nd day we were there my 2 brothers, my dad and my hubby all went to a Arizona Cardinals football game, they had tons of fun! For our girls day my mom took us to get pedis and manis at a local spa. We did a lot of relaxing at the resort, and we EACH had our own villa! Andy and I in one, my mom and dad in another, JD, Jade and Jack in the main one, and Nate and Hattie in their own too! It was gorgeous! We each had a kitchen, huge bathroom with jetted bathtub, living room, and big big bedroom with a king size bed! We will definitely be going back there sometime in our future :) 
We got to see some of my extended family which was awesome, Andy was on overload meeting all of them! But we made the most with the time that we had and it was tons of fun!

We got to Boise on Christmas day and went straight to Andy's parents house... thankfully they waited on us to do Christmas! :) We ate a delicious meal made by my MIL and then opened gifts, hung out and sang lots of karaoke! :) They are hilarious with their singing! So much fun! 
We got to meet up with some friends during our Boise time, I got a cooking day with my MIL Dora... so hopefully I an attempt her Enchiladas and rice! :) Andy's favorite meal.
My mom had a big New Years Eve party that we went to and got to see more friends, and we got to spoil our sweet nephews Jacob, Jayson and Jaron. I wanted to bring Jaron home with us!! He's just tooooo cute! Those chubby cheeks are just too much! We also got to go to Jaron's 2nd birthday party the night before we left, which was great because we miss out on too much as it is! Thanks Charity for planning that while we were there! :)

I am so thankful we got to go home, It was a great experience... we got to re-connect with our families and remind ourselves that even tho this life can be hard, we always have people who love us!! 

The pictures will come in a few days... I have a couple hundred to go through so it will take a while and I'm going to curl up on the seat next to my hubby and take a little nap... since we still have 1 1/2 hours in Las Vegas....    we are very ready to be home. ;)

Happy New Year friends and family!!!

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