Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bedroom Makeover...

First off... 2 posts in one day... wow! ;)

I am a girl who loves white... white kitchen, white bedroom, white white white! I love it! To me it's just so clean and fresh! Don't get me wrong, I don't want EVERYTHING to be white... but I need the base of the room to be white.... and a VERY light blue... I'm loving that too!

So... I'm trying to think of how to make our room cuter... and I'd like to do it on a small budget... so here's what I'm thinking so far..

I would LOVE a light like that, but I'm not traiding my over head fan for NOTHIN'! :)

I would just like to go sit in this room for a minute please...

I've thought about doing that net thing over our bed... I had one in high school, so is it too young for us??

I like this brown bed skirt... so plain yet so cute!

LOVE this white duvet... but then again... it would have black dog hair over it most of the time :(

So chic.

and this pillow! ugh, to die for! and only $8.97 at Target! if only...

I'll let you know what I come up with... I might ask my hubby for my anniversary gift can I plllllllease makeover our bedroom..... but what about the dog hair?! ugh. decisions decisions.

stay tuned.

This is my goal...

To wear this is my goal...

With this man by my side...

and this helping me keep track....


Yep... I started weight watchers {again} this morning... and I'm so powered up and ready to go! I made a meal plan, a grocery list, and have set goals with rewards! So here we go! I know I can do this, I've done it before and I know with Andy's support I can do it again! He's going to do it with me... and I am so excited!
So... I will feature some weight watchers stuff every now and then :)

Other news.... we got to facetime with Frank and the kiddos last night! I just love these boys and miss them so much!! :(

Seriously... I just want to cuddle him and kiss those cheeks! so so cute!!!

And how about this dog collar?! We NEED this for Daisy!!! She would look adorbs! now if I can convince my husband of the same thing...

have a GREAT Tuesday!!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Pouring my heart out...

This post has a lot in it... some good news, and some bad... so get a cup of hot coco or coffee and be ready to read....

First let's start with the bad... well, I don't know if I would necessarily call it BAD news... just some frustrating news.

I went to my doctors appointment Friday for what I thought was a medication refill.... as most of you know, I am on Synthroid because I'm Hypothyroid... I've been Hypothyroid for a few years now, so I know what the symptoms are and how to take care of myself. So as I was sitting there talking to my doctor, she asked me if I was depressed...WHAT?! Why would she ask me that?? I said no... and sat there and continued to answer her questions as she asked them. I told her we have had an extremely stressful year, and maybe that's why I just seemed down... but it still bothered me that she thought I was depressed. She said she wanted to check my blood levels for a few things and that she would call me with the results...  So after going to the lab to get my blood taken, and then onto the pharmacy for my refill... I went to the car and just sat there for a minute and cried. I cried harder than I've cried in months. All I could think was... "maybe I am depressed??? How can I be depressed and happier than I've ever been all at the same time??" ugh!

So... I called my mom and talked to her for a little bit and then laid down to take a nap... all this crying had given me a headache! I woke up to my phone ringing, it was my doctor with my blood results... ugh, here we go again... that's all I kept thinking... she told me that my Thyroid panel was double what it should be and that was most likely the cause for my depression, weight gain, lack of weight loss, mood swings, etc. WHEW!
She said to take 2 of my Synthroid pills and that I should come see her in 6 weeks and I should start to notice a difference between now and then. I started to feel a little better, but there was still something in the back of my mind... who else thinks I'm depressed? I don't want to appear that way, because I don't feel that... I have never been happier, so why would she assume that?!
So... yesterday after Andy came home from the gym I broke down... I hadn't told him about my appointment, I hadn't told anyone... I just said the appointment was ok and that I have to change my medication...  I was embarrassed. And the last thing in the world I want Andy to be worried about is if his wife is depressed or not! He assured me that no matter if I was 100 pounds or 400 pounds he would love me the same and that I need to focus on getting better and that will come with time... he reminded me that he fell in love with all of me, not just me on my good days... he just made me feel even more loved than he already does... and I am so very thankful for him. Thankful beyond words.

SO... there you have it... I am an open book, and I have never been one to say "I'm great" when I'm really not...

And here is the happy side of this post... we had a great weekend! Friday's appointment aside, it was very relaxing and just fun!

I apologize in advance for all the Daisy pictures, but that girl keeps a smile on my face... She just loves me no matter what... if I yelled at her for something she did 5 minutes later she comes and loves on me like it never happened, she's always SO happy when we walk in the door and greet us like she hadn't seen us in FOREVER, she will just lay there with me when I'm sad, she is a hand holder... yes, our dog likes to hold hands with us. Probably because she sees Andy and I always holding hands, so she thinks she needs in on that too :) Either way, I love her!

Our big girl LOVES to look out the window! She's so protective and has a BIG bark on her!

Posing for momma!

Don't judge, we let her on the couch with us. Not all the time tho...

I told her on Sunday "Daisy, this is a relaxing day that involves LOTS of sleeping"... she understood :)

Playing with daddy's old sock.

She fell asleep while playing :)

This girl LOVES to sleep on her daddy.

My most favorite wall in our home... our "Family Wall"... I LOVE it. I catch myself just starting at all the pictures... I love you family!!

I saw this on Pinterest, so this weekend I found stuff laying around the house so I made a mock one to see if we'd use it... (mainly to see if Andy would use it...)

and he does!! So now, I just need to make it a little cuter... like the one above. That will be my project this weekend :)

This is what I wrote for him... it's the little things people, the little things.

Well, Happy Monday everyone! I hope yours is great!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Fashion Friday!

Today, since confession Friday is having a break, I'm going to do my own little Fashion Friday!

I'm obsessed with blues right now.... all types of blues!

I am loving the light blue and white right now...

 I'm also loving navy blue and turquoise... love love love it!

This is what gave me the idea.. I love this combo!

I found these bangels for 3 bucks! love them!

I have a navy blue top on with a turquoise neclace and jeans with gold shoes! :)

On another note... it was 6:44 and I was on my way to work and the temp was 65 degrees!! WHAT?! add some humidity and it felt like the mid to high 70's! although, my skin is loving the humidity! :)

I attempted dark nails last night.... so far I'm loving it!

I am SO SO happy it's Friday... like, if there was one more work day in this week I might just say oh well and be done with it all.

and one more thing before I go... I am so in love with my husband. I know, it's kinda random...because if you know me you know how much I love the man... but for real, he's a saint. someone who I tooootally don't deserve, but sure glad I have him! :) I was in one of those moods last night and he was very patient with me. I am lucky.

Happy Friday!!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Love language...

What is your love language?

Are you someone who needs to be touched by your significant other, or do you like sweet words better?

If you go HERE you can take the short 30 question quiz and find out...

Here's how my outcome was:

Words of affirmation - 9

Physical touch - 7

Quality time - 6

Acts of service - 6

Receiving gifts - 2

It didn't surprise me... I like to be told when I do something well, or the little I love you's throughout the day, or the I miss you's.... and I love holding his hand, his kisses, or just a good strong hug! And I could really care less on the gifts... they are fun, but not a # 1 for me.

I'm curious to see how Andy's turns out! :)

Our own pony...

I know I talk about our dog Daisy, a lot, but let's face it... she's our baby! So if you don't want to read about another Daisy post.... check back tomorrow :)

We were laying in bed last night watching TV (the 3 of us) and Andy mentions to me that he had seen a great dane yesterday and that we were going to have our very own pony for a dog... and I think he is right! What brought it up was Daisy had left for a minute and we wondering where she had gone... well she was crying for more food... so I fed her some more, she ate that so I gave her a little more... the girl had 5 1/2 cups of food yesterday!! Now, our dog doesn't eat much... we'll fill her bowl up about 1 1/2 - 2 cups of food in the morning and evening... well she will really just eat when she wants... she usually doesn't inhale all of it right then and there... but yesterday she was h-u-n-g-r-y! So of course, Andy and I had to look at pictures from when we first got her... I think we were almost in tears, our girl is growing up too fast!! :( what are we going to be like when we have kids?!

Let me let the pictures do the talking...

The day we picked her up. Daddy's girl from day 1!

She loves sleeping on her daddy!

like I said... daddy's girl...

Melts my heart.

We always joke that she's like a snake... she curls herself up so she looks small... but really is about 5'3 when she stands on her back 2 legs.

I have to show you what she has in her... then you'll see why we say we are going to have a pony in our house....

She has some great dane... that's her body exactly! She just has a little more growing to do.

a some lab... :)

and a little bit of pit bull. Yes, she has pit... and lemme tell you, they are all in how you raise them! some pits are mean, but if you raise them to be sweet... they will be.

On another note... we are having a super bowl party... what are some of your favorite dips to make??

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Whew. We made it through Monday!
Was yours like mine? I had a BAD case of the Monday's! So bad that my hair was even in a bun and I hardly put makeup on... I just wasn't havin it! I had planned on going home to cook dinner.... but this is what we had instead...
And it was amazing.

Andy and I have decided that Mondays are just brutal and that we are going to either have a whatever you can find type dinner or go out or order in.... and last night we made an executive decision to just order Chili's to go! It was brilliant!

Anyways... now that we are through with Monday...  here's what I have planned tonight...

Catching up on my episodes of American Idol.... haven't seen any yet.... go me.

Making BLTA's for dinner... bacon, lettuce, tomatoe and avocado's of course.... :)

Smelling these wonderful scents of fabric softner and Tide while washing a load of towels...

and watching this while I fold....

and of course hanging out with my favorite man and dog while doing it all! :)

Happy Tuesday!