Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend wrap up!

We had a very nice and relaxing weekend! Which is good because starting next weekend the chaos starts... and I can't wait!!!  Next Saturday is my works Christmas party, then we will be cleaning, doing laundry and packing because NEXT Saturday we will be leaving for sunny Arizona and then snowy Idaho!!!! I am so excited. so so so excited.

We really didn't do much this weekend, just hung out at home, went to our friends house and then had them over yesterday... it was great! We are lucky to have this sweet family in our lives!

My handsome honey and I.

He's so cute :)

CJ was laying all over Andy, he's seriously adorable!

This picture makes me laugh. She was sitting there watching Millionaire Matchmaker, and she was really into it! She probably watched it for a good 10 minutes or so.... then was over it :)

Our pretty girl! She is getting HUGE!!!

Remember when she was this small?? :(
If we are this sad about our puppy growing up... how are we going to be when we have babies?!?!

Happy Monday!

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