Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Merry Christmas from us!

We are not doing Christmas cards this year, mainly because we just sent out our wedding thank you's a few months ago, and I just didn't take the time to get the 3 of us out and take a picture! We are taking family pictures with both sides of our families on our vacation, so maybe Andy and I will take one together and then send out Happy New Year cards.... or maybe Happy 1 year of being married cards?? we'll see...

I LOVE getting cards tho, oh I love it! We have received 3 so far and they are all posted on our bulliton board in the kitchen! :) Thank you Katie, Amy and Amber!!! :) Y'all have such cute families!!

I was bored this morning... so I put an idea together of what we would do...  so here you go!
(I just used some random pics)...

or this....

I had to throw these in... these are from my works' Christmas party Saturday night.... :)
my hubby is silly.

Tonight the madness starts... we are going to Wal Mart to get dog food, bones, chew toys, trip stuff... then tomorrow we are cleaning and doing the laundry, the Friday finish packing and here we go!!!! I am beyond excited!! I can't wait to kiss my nephew and hug my brother who I haven't hugged in years!!! It's going to be amazing!!!

Happy Wednesday!!!!!

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