Friday, December 16, 2011

Confessions & Christmas!

Today, over on Leslie's blog it's Confessional Friday... link up to hear other ladies confessions! It's quite fun actually!

Here we go....

1.) I want a mani and pedi. not from just anyone, from the little Asian's in the mall... they do the BEST manis and pedis out of anyone! But... I'm trying to hold out because I know that I'm probably going to go with my mom and sisters in Arizona or in Idaho! hold out Randi. Hold out.

2.) My table has been covered in packing stuff since Sunday! I will be packed by this evening, mainly because I have no choice! haha!

3.) I am SO VERY excited for this vacation. It's a confession. Like, beyond excited... besides our wedding day and when Andy came home.. I'm not sure the last time I was THIS excited for something!!

4.) I love holding my husbands hand. Just sitting there holding hands is my favorite. I love that I get to grow old with that man :) He's amazing.

5.) I am VERY excited for some good Mexican food this week! mmm mmm mmmm!

6.) This year is the 20th anniversary of my first dad's death, it seems like it's another lifetime ago!

7.) Being married has made me understand my dad alot more! And to appreciate the things I didn't appreciate about him before. Love you dad!

8.) If you don't know me, the above 2 confessions probably confuse you... my dad died when I was 7, my mom married her high school sweetheart when I was 8... I was blessed enough to have 2 daddys in my life! :)

9.) I bought the "fancy" shampoo and conditioner Wednesday night and my hair feels amazing. I have been using the stuff on the shelf at Wal Mart, but I bought the Redkin one for color treated hair. I'm in love.

10.) I am so excited to introduce my husband to all of my extended family in Arizona TOMORROW!!!!! I even started crying a little on the way to work thinking I get to see them so soon! I haven't hugged my brother since before he was deployed! he's been home for 5 months!

and on that note.... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year....
I won't be blogging much because I'll be enjoying family, friends, and this gorgeous reort!

I'm dreaming of a .... no, nope I'm not dreaming of a white Christmas... I'm dreaming of THIS Christmas.... and this is exactly what we are going to get.... TOMORROW......

I'm going to swim in that heated pool...

slide down this slide...

enjoy this view...

and this sunset... oh how I love those Arizona sunsets!

I'm going to relax on that nice chair...

and swim in the pool....

and just soak up all the amazing quality time with my family!!!

See you next year, with lots and lots of vacation pictures!!



  1. That resort looks fabulous!!!!! Have a wonderful vacation! See you in 2012!

  2. Looks like you are going to have an amazing time. Merry Christmas!