Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I'm Lovin...


I don't know about you... but I am VERY excited that it's hump day!!

Here is what I'm loving today...

My hubby got me these slippers from Bath & Body Works last weekend and I am loving them!!! They are so comfy!!

I'm loving these... (I have them in brown and black), I'm wearing the brown ones today and they are so cute and pretty comfy! Although I do have some flats just in case!  ;)

I'm REALLY loving that we need to pull these out and dust them off sooon!

I was a Bare Essentials girl through and through when it came to my foundation... but I've had a change of heart lately and started using the MAC cover up that has been in my make-up bag since February! I am loving it!! I need some more cover up in this humid city... and this is just the trick!
Can I just tell you... I haven't had to buy makeup (minus mascera and eye liner) since BEFORE I was married! Either that's a good thing or a bad... haha!

I am loving my Bobbi Brown blush! I have this exact color! Yes, it my look bright... but us pasty pale white people need a little "colla" on us! Don't worry, I don't lay it on thick... and I blend well ;)

And every day of my life I get to spend loving this guy!!!

I am thankful for all the things listed above!!!

Happy Wednesday y'all!!!

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