Monday, November 14, 2011


We got to watch our friends kids this weekend! They were with us Saturday morning and we had lots of fun! It gave us a dose of reality tho... we are NOT ready to have kids! I love my sleep! :) Although when we do have kids... I'm sending them to Melody and Carlos's house for some manner training! Their little 2 year old has amazing manners!

Daisy LOVED having kids around!

CJ loves our popcorn machiene... I told him "show me your popcorn" and this is what he did! so cute!

Riding the whale!

We woke up Saturday morning to frost on our cars!! It was so weird but a nice surprise! Good thing I kept my ice scraper! ha!

I found this on Pinterest on Friday and LOVE the look... I went to Wal Mart in hopes to find that gold color but no such luck...

Here's what I ended up with... I am excited to find some more sparkle colors and try more! After I get a much needed manicure!! :)

My honey came home with this for me yesterday... he sure knows me! ;)

Saturday Thankful --- On Saturday I was thankful for kiddos! They remind me how innocent people are!
Sunday Thankful -- On Sunday, I was thankful for my husband's patient heart ...  I'm thankful for that everyday, but especially yesterday. He knows me inside and out, he knows my weaknesses and my strengths, he sees me at my worst and at my best... and loves every little bit of me! 

How was your weekend??

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