Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday update...

It's Tuesday, well, actually it's almost Wednesday at thi point... but hey... we made it through Monday!! Wooot Wooot!!

Our house has not been fun the last 12 days... I was sick all last week, Andy is sick this week... and hopefully we can be done with the Theraflu, Advil cold and sinus and box of tissues so we can start packing for our trip which is only 18 days away!!!!
To some that may seem far... but for these Georgia Rodriguez's who have been missing our famliy since February 20th, when we packed up and said adios.... it seems right aroud the corner!

Last night we ate dinner in bed, really, we did. We do that sometimes, and lemme tell you... I love it! It's very relaxing, enjoyable and just plain fun. don't judge.

Dinner last night... well, we had Waffle House! That's one of my fav's about living in the South... Waffle House and Piggly Wiggly's are on every corner! Except for Hinesville, we don't have the pig dub... but we have the waffles!

I took a picture of it through my rainy window.. I had JUST wiped it with the wipers, but it was down pour last night... word on the street it's STILL hurricane season.... ugh.

Andy texted me this of our little princess last night... said she was waiting on her mommy. So cute.
We are sure going to miss her sweet face while we are gone! :(
She'll be taken care of tho!

Update on us....
Andy still continues to rehab his knee... and has done so well through all of this! He's amazing.
Still a little pain on my end, but I'm able to get up better! Although it's starting to get cold, so I know both of us are going to be a little "achey"... we're so old! lol ;)

That's all today... I'm not in the "blogging mood"... I hope I can get back into it soon :(

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