Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful that....

wedding thank-you's are DONE!!!
Sign, sealed and delivered! (or dropped off at the post office at least!)

Clearly it was never our intention to take 8 months on sending our thank-you cards out to friends and family... but here is what has happened since we said "I-Do!" ....

1.) I drove accross the country... literally, from Idaho to Georgia!
2.) It took a month for our stuff to be delivered.. so I was "setting up our house" with fine paper plates and ugly silverware from the PX
3.) Found out the meaning of the saying "married to the Army"
4.) I found a job.
5.) We got a puppy.
6.) I quit that job.
7.) Andy had ACL surgery --- recovery time is a year. The first month consisted of him on crutches and BARELY able to walk.... the first 3 months of surgery was him not driving. anywhere. at all.
(thank the Lord for my mom and sister flying out to help!)
8.) Found a new job... which includes driving in the car for 2 hours a day. not fun, but much better than the first job.
9.) My turn for surgery to remove a tumor they found next to my Ovary.... and trying to fit a 6 week of recovery time into 2 weeks so I could go back to work (since I wasn't being paid...)
10.) Finally have a moment to breathe, write thank you's...
11.) MAIL OUT THANK YOU'S! and am FINALLY caught up on everything!

Trust me... I am NOT making excuses for being so late with these... but hey... it's a nice surprise in your mail box right?? :) We are excited to see all of our friends and family in Arizona and Idaho in 36 days!!

so today... I'm thankful that our thank-you's are done! our mom's will be proud. ;)

Happy Friday Eve!!!

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