Monday, November 7, 2011

Thankful day 6 & 7!

Today I'm thankful that my husband doesn't have to go to the field!!
 I was ok with him going, obviously, that's the life we chose to live... but I sure do love when he gets to stay home! Because he's still on profile for his knee, he can't ride in certain Army vehicles and wear certain gear and in order to go to the field you had to be able to do both. It has been almost 5 months since surgery, and with ACL's they take at least a year to completely heal... so since he's not even half way there he needs to make sure and not re-gress! We don't want him to have to go through another surgery because he didn't rehab we'll prevent what we can! :) I am proud of him tho.. this past week he stayed late some to help with the set up for the Commander and 1st Sgt to check. That was all stuff to prepare for the field. He's a go-getter even when he's in pain!!

Day 6: Sunday I was/am thankful for our friends Melody, Carlos and CJ! We miss our nephews SO MUCH and to get to spend time with their little guy CJ just makes it that much easier on this Uncle and Auntie! They are such great people and we are so thankful for their friendship!

CJ wanted to take some pictures with my iPhone yesterday so here are some of him...

This one I took of him... he went and go strawberries and a book and sat in his chair and started eating... he's so cute!

Happy Monday!

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