Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Today, I am thankful for hot beverages and sudafed.

You can probably tell by that headline that I'm not feeling 100%! I have had a sore throat for 4 days now... and my head feels like it's going to POP! I keep trying to rest as much as possible and fight it off with allergy pills and cold medicine... but it's getting harder and harder! I think my body just needs some R&R!

I am not sure what it is, maybe a little cold, maybe allergies... who knows... all I know is when I get home from work tonight I am going to put some chicken in the oven and crawl into bed! Have I mentioned my head feels like it's going to pop??

Do any of you feel like this? what has helped you? I REALLY don't want to miss work to go to the Doctor... but I refuse to be sick on our trip! I know that's still 32 days away, but you know I'm a worry wart!

I stopped off at Starbucks and got a Carmel Apple Spice and it helped my throat a ton! but it's gone now... :(

 I have to say I'm so excited! My friend Joy received our wedding thank you note and it put a smile on her face! I hope you are all receiving yours!! I loved how we did them! I love getting pictures in wedding invitations... but then you don't ever see the after part... so on our wedding thank you we did 3 pictures of us from our wedding day and then included our address, blog info, and a little note on the back!
Here is the picture part...

(P.S. Mom and Dora, I over-printed so we'll be bringing you each a stack to hand out to whoever you want) :)

Have a great Tuesday y'all!

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