Thursday, November 17, 2011

Oh happy day!

Ok... not really.

It was a rough morning! I was in the middle of a wonderful sleep... and around 2:00 I woke up HOT! I looked over and Andy didn't have any covers on and he was sweating and obviously hot too... so I go to the thermostat... it was down to the normal 72.. but it was 75 degrees in our house!! HOT! That doesn't sound very hot to you non-Georgian's... but after the rain last night, it made it feel about 85 with humidity... and I am always hotter than the norm... so I was about 90 degrees going on 120! IT. WAS. HOT.

I turned the AC off because sometimes it freezes and acts weird... that didn't help because when I got up at 5:45 it was just as hot! Andy turned it back on before he left, but it didn't help. The frustrating thing... about 3 months ago we got a WHOLE NEW UNIT put in because the previous one had taken a ker-plunk!
Georgia is NOT cooling down... in fact it's still in the high 70's and 80's for the next week, at least!
Anyone know why our AC wouldn't be working???? I don't like being hot. I get grumpy. I get annoyed. I get mad!

As I was blowing my hair out and straightening it... Daisy started crying. She obviously needed to use the facilities (ie: grass) and take care of business... so I let her out. Next thing I know she sees another dog and TAKES OFF!!! Here I am, hair half up running around trying to get her in my bath robe! By this time it's 6:45, I'm late and I need to finish and leave... not chase the stupid dog! So finally about 10 minutes later I get her inside, and as I'm yelling at her for running away she runs to the living room because she knows the next step is her kennel! Well... Daisy is fast, she got away from me a few times... so I went into our room and hid in the closet... a few seconds later she comes in thinking I'm gone and I jump out of the closet and scared her so she ran into her kennel! haha! It was pretty hilarious, AFTER the fact! I'm sure Andy would have been dying laughing if he was there.

Anyways... by the time I'm running out of the house it's 7:10 and I have to be at work at 8... which doesn't sound so bad... but I have an hour commute! I get in at 7:58... after I probably should have gotten a few speeding tickets! (thank you Georgia police for not stopping me!)

So today, I am thankful for the AC when it DOES work!!
Especially in this city that is always hot!

I just looked at the forecast... and it's going to be warm in the day, but then down to the 50's in the evening! So we are opening our windows!!

Did I mention that it's "about that time" and I'm still annoyed that I can't take any birth control?! Dr won't let me take it because of the blood vessels on my liver. ugh. I miss you BC. :(

Happy Friday Eve.

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