Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Little things in life!

Today I am thankful for the little things in life... The random things that sometimes you just don't take time to really sit down and be thankful about! at least for me! :)

This little cutie that sits with me every morning while I put on my make up and blow dry my hair... she's always so curious of what we are doing, I think it's the protective side of her!

SO thankful for SLEEP!!!!
And these 2 precious boys! :)

Very thankful that this is back on my finger again! And also thankful for my warranty that covers EVERYTHING ... even a diamond falling out! ;)

Most of all I'm thankful for this. Not Starbucks. Well, I AM thankful for Starbucks, but I'm thankful that I was able to meet my hubby for a quick coffee date this morning before heading off to work!

There's so many more random things that I'm thankful for... but I just can't list them all... What are you thankful for today? Did you stop to notice the little things?

Happy Tuesday!!

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