Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hair Affair!

I'm getting my hair done today!!
I'm going to the salon at our school... and I'm very excited!! The instructor is a top of the line hair artist and she is great! Of course she picked a student to do my hair... but she said she'd "take care of me" ... I hope that means she'll be right there watching! ;) just kidding... I know she will be, and if anything "happens".. she'll be fixing it!

Here's the color I'm wanting... a little dark in with the blonde... I have to keep my blonde you know! A pale white girl with big blue eyes just looks funny with dark dark hair! :) At least on me... been there, tried that!

My fav right here!

And here is the cut....

I don't want mine as long on the one side like Ms Pickler... but you get the idea...

Wish me luck!!
My honey is getting a manicure and pedicure while I get my hair did... love our date days!! :)

p.s. Today I'm thankful for hair color.
If that's vain, then I'm guilty.

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