Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Funny story and Update!

I have to tell you a funny story...
Last night while I was sweeping and mopping the floor and Andy was doing homework I noticed Daisy kept wanting to go to the front door, but couldn't figure out why... and I was in the "cleaning mode" so I just figured she was just trying to get to her toys... well after a while of her trying to go on the wet floors... she finally just darted into our room... a few minutes went by and I didn't hear her, so I went into our room... she was in the back part of her kennel... I thought it was funny, and I figured it was because she was now scared of the mop... just like she is the vacuum. A few more minutes went by, and she was still in there! I told Andy she was there and we both had a laugh. About 5 minutes later, I walked into the dining room and there it was! She had left some "unwanted presents" for us! GRRRRR!
She knows, as soon as she "messes" in the house... she goes straight to her kennel! Poor thing had been trying to get to the front door but couldn't! So, she went and then went ahead and disciplined herself!!
Y'all, dogs are smart.
They know exactly what they did wrong, what's going to happen and our dog is so smart she just went ahead and took care of business herself! In more ways than one!! We just shut the kennel door for a few minutes and then let her out. She knew she shouldn't have done that... and I knew I should have paid just a little more attention... I mean, she just ate, and that's what dogs do after they eat!

Plus... with a face like this, how can you NOT love her?!

After Andy did his homework he started playing Army Cadences on the laptop... Daisy and I were laying on the couch watching TV and he started to sing them... she immediately perked up and looked right over to see what in the world her daddy was doing... She went over to check things out and sat there and listened to him sing to her for a few minutes... it was so cute!!

I just love these 2!!

This girl LOVES tug-o-war! And she loves Andy's old socks! She will sit there and watch me fold laundry so she can possibly jump in and get a new one! If he doesn't throw his socks in the laundry hamper after wearing them all day... she will snatch it up and hide it in her kennel. Crazy girl.

This was dinner last night! Chili with corn! It was delicious! And healthy too!

I haven't given a surgery update lately so here it is...

Andy has finished physical therapy off post and only sees the on-post PT's now... he has been working out 6 days a week on his knee and there are still times that it's sore, but in all he's doing alot better! He still has pains in his foot, so we're hoping he can get in to a podiatrist soon to take a look at that. There's times that I will rub his feet and I feel the muscle "crackling" and it just hurts! :( I can't believe it's almost been 5 months since his surgery!! Crazy!! The recovery time is a year.. so we are almost half way there!!

I am still healing. I've been a little frustrated lately because I have random shooting pains in the area of the surgery (around the bikini line), and still sometimes have trouble getting up. I finally broke down and called my doctor yesterday to see what she thought about it... she said some abdomen surgeries are more invasive than others, and since they had to cut through so many nerves, muscle, fat, and skin it takes a while for that to heal. Parts of my stomach are still numb and that is the reason I'm just now feeling the random pain. She said it will take up to a year for the feeling to come back and the nerves to be back to normal. Andy knows that when I try to get up and don't make it to put his hand out and give me a boost. What an amazing husband I have.
I asked her why some people heal quickly and some don't... she said everyone is just different and I probably pushed it too much with going to work 2 weeks post-op. Even tho physically I felt fine, my insides were pushed a little too much and I was still numb so I thought everything was ok, when it really wasn't.

SO... Here's my advice... if your doctor says take 4-6 weeks off work, DO IT! Don't go back after 2! And if your husband tells you to rest, please listen to him. I did for 2 weeks, but then thought I was super woman and did it all myself .

And how cute is this?!
My Mama (on the left) and my Aunt Ruth (on the right) put up a "Harvest Tree"... they are so creative!!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope your day is fantastic!!!

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