Friday, October 7, 2011


Thank. Goodness. It's. Friday.

Isn't that saying SO true?!
Rhianna says it best... "here's a cheer to the freakin' weekend!" Ha!

We are going to dinner tonight with some friends then relaxing and catching up on the ol' DVR the rest of the weekend! I'm VERY ready for lounging around and being lazy! Now that the weather is starting to cool down we might venture outside in the next few weeks...

Here are some cute pictures I took last night...

She knows to pose for Mommy! :)

Sleeping on my legs...

She's thinking.. "seriously mom, more pictures?!" she gets that from her daddy! ;)

How handsome is my man?! 
He was under the pillow trying to hide from the camera while playing on his phone... :)

I just love those 2 so so much and can't wait to spend 2 full days with them!!!

Have a great weekend!!

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