Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our Weekend!

I had a 3 day weekend this past weekend, it was amazing!! I feel re-freshed and ready to go... the crappy thing is I have training Friday and Saturday... so I'll be working 8-5 (really 7-6) both those days, and will only have 1 day off... but I sure enjoyed this last weekend!  :)

We had a busy but fun weekend! Friday I got my hair done, my car got hit, then we went to our friends house and just hung out... oh ya, you read that right... my car got hit! I was inside getting my hair done and someone came in and asked who had the black Ford Focus, because it just got hit. It's not a bad ding, thankfully!
Saturday we cleaned the house then had friends over for dinner and just hung out... then Sunday we slept in, went to a movie, caught up some on the DVR, and just hung out... then yesterday Andy went to work and I put dinner in the crock pot, made lunch, went and had a picnic with Andy, finished the laundry, took a nap and just hung out. It was perfect!!

Here's my hair! I'm very happy with it! I am going to go in a month or so and get some carmel highlights put in.

Here's my little dented car... not bad!

Cutie CJ!

Melody and Carlos!


I was playing around with photo shop and our rings and took this picture... Andy thinks it looks like my ring is flipping him off... it's a flower petal! But I can see what he means... haha

My little cuddle bug!

I was painting my toes, and Daisy always sits there and watches me... and then she put her paw out there! I think she wanted her toes painted too! So I did a little bit of one, and she sat there and let me. I swear she thinks she is human sometimes! :) silly girl!

Cuddling with mommy and daddy!

My handsome hubby and I!

Tried to take a picture before the movie... it didn't work so well.

My SIL sent me this of Jack, little Kermit the Jack! :) Can't wait to see this little cutie in 2 months!!!

Our yummy dinner! I love the crock pot, it makes cooking so easy!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!!

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