Tuesday, October 4, 2011

iPhone fun!

I was playing with my iPhone last night and I found a program (through a friend and very smart iPhone user) called "Instagram"... for all you iPhone users it's probably old news to you... but it basically lets you choose any type of photo you want... whether it's old looking, rough looking, bright, faded... etc... I prefer the "Nashville" type... (imagine that...)
I'm excited to use it more and more! Here are a few pics I took last night...

My honey and I!

Please excuse the NO MAKEUP!!! I was playing with it after I had washed my face...

I didn't get any pictures of Daisy because when I was taking the pictures she was in her kennel in trouble! She likes to come in the kitchen while I cook... and after multiple times of telling her "get out" we thought she needed some time in there for not obeying. She wouldn't even listen to her daddy, which RARELY happens!

Happy Tuesday!

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