Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Monday!!

Happy Monday... and Happy Halloween!

We don't really celebrate Halloween... I mean, we'll pass out candy but that's about it... we didn't even pick up a pumpkin to carve! How boring are we??
Maybe when we have little kiddos we'll get a little more into it... but until then, we'll just enjoy everyone else's costumes! :)

I do, however, think this little froggie is just the cutest thing out there!.

This is how our weekend went....

and a little more of this.....

and then just hung out!

Our little black beauty!

Sometimes Daisy is just hyper hyper hyper... but when she knows mommy and daddy are tired, she's great at just laying down and cuddling with us!
She isn't allowed on the couches, but lately when we are laying around in the living room, she just climbs up there and lays right down... it's so cute but so wrong at the same time! She's a 50 pound lap dog! She's suppose to get up to 80 or 90 pounds so we'll see how that goes when we get there!

(please excuse the un-manacured nails!!)
Notice anything missing??
I noticed a diamond missing from my wedding band... the day after my set was finally back together! ugh.
So I marched right up to Kay's and it's in the "diamond shop" being fixed! Thank goodness we got the warranty for our rings! They fix it at no cost! Thanks Kay's!

So I am back to 1 ring! But hey, at least they will be all shined up and looking brand new again! :)

I saw this on my friends facebook and had to steal it! I love it!!
My honey is going to the field next week :( I hate when he leaves... Daisy and I are going to be so lonely!!

I made fried chicken again yesterday... we normally don't eat fried foods... but this chicken is just to die for!
 I think I have mastered it! You season it BEFORE you put it in the egg! It was SO good!! Andy ususally puts ranch dressing or honey mustard on his fried chicken, and it was so good he didn't even use it!
I had been craving corn cassarole so I made that too... and the mashed potatoes I did because the potatoes needed to be used up... delicious Sunday dinner!!

Do you want me to put the Fried Chicken recipe on here??

Have a great week!!

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