Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy 2 years Liz and Pat!!!

Today is my brother and sister in law's (and top favorite people in the whole entire world...)
2 year anniversary!!!! 

I was honored to be a part of their special day... it was SO much fun!! They had such a great wedding and we said over and over after it was done that we wish we could do that all over again! Liz was a great bride and it was the perfect day!!!

Liz and Pat -- you are such a great example to Andy and I ... Liz, you teach me how to be a "ESPN fanatic's" wife and how to deal with the different seasons of sports... you have always been such a special friend and I love that we are now related so we can spend holidays and fun times together!!
Happy Anniversary you 2!! Here's to two years and many many more!!!
We Love You!!!

Here are some pictures (stole from facebook...) of their perfect day!!!

They are SO happy!!

Bridal magazine?? I think so!

She's gorgeous!!

"We now pronounce Mr and Mrs...."

2 of her 3 brothers... (yep, that's Andy on the right!) :)

Her bridesmaids!!

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