Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Attitude Check!

Sometimes I complain... sometimes I argue... sometimes I have bad days... sometimes I just am not thankful for what I have... yesterday evening and this morning was one of those days...

I complained because I walked in and found that Daisy chewed my tank top that I love to layer with, I complained because my husband had left the cereal and cereal bowl out, I complained because I didn't want to put the dishes away that I had washed the night before, I complained because the traffic on the way home was crazy, I complained because my husband was asleep by 8:50 and I wanted to hang out and talk, I complained when my alarm went off this morning because I was just too tired to get up, I complained because I leave early and STILL get stuck in traffic and am late, I complain because I am having a bad hair day... and then I get to work.

In the 45 minutes I've been here, there are students who have walked in in tears because the BUS that they had to get on at 5:45 (for a 8:30 class) was full that they couldn't even sit down those almost 3 hours they were on it only to find out their classes were on Tuesday and Thursdays. Then someone drove up in a taxi, handed the driver money and came in only to find out her lunch box she had on the seat next to her, was still on the seat in the Taxi and he was long gone... so today, she would have to skip lunch because she had to have money for the ride home, another kissed her baby goodbye and said "I'm going to make a better life for us", and as I write this, another girl just came up and asked where the English 1010 class moved to, because she's late and no one is in the room that she had on her schedule. When I asked her how her morning was, she told me it was rough because the 2 busses she has to take to get to school from the East side were both late.... AND I COMPLAIN THAT I HAVE A LONG COMMUTE?! At least I am able to have a nice car that gets me to and from places!!

Maybe this was God's way of telling me.... "Randi, you need to quit it!" ... maybe this is what it took for me to be thankful for what I have and to not complain over the little things.
Ya, it's a pain to get stuck in traffic and to drive an hour to get to my job... but at least I have a car, a job, and someone to come home to to calm me down when I'm flustered.

So... no "What I'm loving Wednesday" or Random blog posts today... just simply me pouring my heart out and realizing things could be way worse. Be thankful for the little things. If the dishes are clean and ready to be put away... be thankful I have a home that has a dishwasher so I don't have to spend half my night hand washing them, if my hubby leaves the cereal bowl and cereal out... be thankful I have a husband who is there to do that, or be thankful that we have money to buy cereal... when Daisy chews my favorite tank top.. be thankful we have the means to have a dog or to go buy a new tank top! When my husband falls asleep early... be thankful he has the energy to get up in the morning to go to work and provide for us! When my alarm goes off in the morning... be thankful that I wake up to another day!

I hope you don't have to go through things today to make yourself wake up and realize that you need to be a little more thankful...but if you do, try to find the good in it!!

Happy Wednesday.

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