Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Monday!!

Happy Monday... and Happy Halloween!

We don't really celebrate Halloween... I mean, we'll pass out candy but that's about it... we didn't even pick up a pumpkin to carve! How boring are we??
Maybe when we have little kiddos we'll get a little more into it... but until then, we'll just enjoy everyone else's costumes! :)

I do, however, think this little froggie is just the cutest thing out there!.

This is how our weekend went....

and a little more of this.....

and then just hung out!

Our little black beauty!

Sometimes Daisy is just hyper hyper hyper... but when she knows mommy and daddy are tired, she's great at just laying down and cuddling with us!
She isn't allowed on the couches, but lately when we are laying around in the living room, she just climbs up there and lays right down... it's so cute but so wrong at the same time! She's a 50 pound lap dog! She's suppose to get up to 80 or 90 pounds so we'll see how that goes when we get there!

(please excuse the un-manacured nails!!)
Notice anything missing??
I noticed a diamond missing from my wedding band... the day after my set was finally back together! ugh.
So I marched right up to Kay's and it's in the "diamond shop" being fixed! Thank goodness we got the warranty for our rings! They fix it at no cost! Thanks Kay's!

So I am back to 1 ring! But hey, at least they will be all shined up and looking brand new again! :)

I saw this on my friends facebook and had to steal it! I love it!!
My honey is going to the field next week :( I hate when he leaves... Daisy and I are going to be so lonely!!

I made fried chicken again yesterday... we normally don't eat fried foods... but this chicken is just to die for!
 I think I have mastered it! You season it BEFORE you put it in the egg! It was SO good!! Andy ususally puts ranch dressing or honey mustard on his fried chicken, and it was so good he didn't even use it!
I had been craving corn cassarole so I made that too... and the mashed potatoes I did because the potatoes needed to be used up... delicious Sunday dinner!!

Do you want me to put the Fried Chicken recipe on here??

Have a great week!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like...


At least on our blog it is!!!! 
I felt in the Christmas spirit... since it's less than 2 months away!!! So I added a little of that to our blog! I am SO excited for Christmas... it means we're going home!!!! We miss our families SO MUCH... so we are very excited to get out of the South for a few weeks! 17 days to be exact!!

Hope you are having a good weekend! We are!

More about our calm relaxing weekend tomorrow!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

TGIF and Recipe!

First off... TGIF!!!!!
I had 1 day off last weekend... so this girl is TIRED! And the good news is that Andy and I went grocery shopping on Wednesday (whew!), last night I cleaned the entire house, and throughout the week I've done laundry.... so our weekend is all about relaxing, sleeping, relaxing, watching movies, relaxing, and playing with Miss Daisy! How excited am I?! VERY!!

Last night I made Spaghetti, and OMG was it delish!!!!
A few months back we were at our friends house and Melody made Spaghetti...I had to find out what the girl did because the sauce was to die for!!
She told me and ever since then I've been making it like that... with a little change here and there...
Shout out to Melody... thanks girl! The Rodriguez's are now addicted! :)

Let's start with the Meatballs...
I buy the ground beef that's in a roll... I don't know how to explain it and I didn't take a pic (oops!)
Anyways... lay your meat out and season it with Adobo, Garlic Salt, Onion Salt... pictured below...

Then roll into balls, cover in bread crumbs and put in a pan of water... fill the pan so it covers most of the ball of meat...

Let them cook for a while... probably about 40 minutes or so...

For the Sauce you'll need Classico or Newman's Sweet Tomato Basil...
here's the important part... add some Adobo seasoning (pictured below), 2 table spoons of Cream Cheese, and some of the water from the meatball mixture (after the meatballs are almost done cooking)...

Then add your meatballs into the sauce...
For the pasta... cook them as normal... (we use spaghetti and angel hair pasta)... we like the 2 different noodles :)

And waaa... laaa...
You have dinner!!

I am not a good one to give recipe's, I don't really measure things... so if you need a better recipe let me know and I'll make it and measure things out :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lost in this moment...

Have you ever heard that song "Lost in this Moment"? It's by Big and Rich... (country singers)...
Many times when I walk by this picture in our house that's the song I think of... I have absolutely no idea what the photographer was saying to us when she shot this photo... but I love how it turned out... it explains our relationship perfectly... I just look at this and see the love... the love I felt for him that day, and the love that I feel more and more every day with him... It's very much "Andy and Randi"... he is so calm and happy and just taking each moment in, and I'm just all smiles and glowing!!
That's how Andy looks when he's relaxed and completely happy with life...

I adore him!!

Here's the song...

"Lost In This Moment"
I see your momma and the candles
and the tears and roses
I see your daddy walk his daughter down the aisle
I feel my knees start to tremble as I tell the preacher
Don't she look beautiful tonight

All the wonderful words in my head I've been thinkin'
You know I wanna say them all just right
I lift your veil and angels start singin'
Such a heavenly sight

Lost in this moment with you
I am completely consumed
My feelings so absolute
there's no doubt
Sealing our love with a kiss
Waiting my whole life for this
Watching all my dreams come true
Lost in this moment with you

I smell the jasmine floatin' in the air like a love song
Watch my words draw sweet tears from your eyes
We bow our heads while the preacher talks to Jesus
Please bless this brand new life

I'm so happy... the jewelers just called... My ring is back!!! :)
This is when it's wonderful to work in the mall! LOL!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crazy Daisy....

We often ask our dog... "why are you so crazy??" she will look at us... so we'll ask her again, and then she'll turn her head to the side like she really is trying to understand what we are asking her....
do you think dogs understand??

Our Daisy is one smart puppy... she's 8 months old... 55 pounds and a pure ball of love! When we tell her "go to your daddy (or mommy)..." she usually goes... when we ask her "Daisy, where's your ball?" she'll go find it... when we say "go get your chicken"... she usually does...

(her best friend... Chicken)

She knows to sit, stay, go, come, and wait... she knows "go to your kennell" (especially when daddy says it!), she knows when we say "do you want some cheese" or "do you want a biscuit?" ... she knows to go sit at the edge of the kitchen... When she is on our bed and I say  "Daisy get down" , she get's right off... she knows that when I'm crying something is wrong and will not leave my side...

She knows when Daddy's tired... just to relax and lay with him for a while...

She knows exactly when it's "bath time" and will almost jump in the shower herself! She knows that when daddy takes his socks off at the end of the day to be right there waiting so she can try and grab them before "her humans" see her...

She knows to wait until WE let her out of her kennell... and that if she cries to be let out that she will just not get her way... so why bother... She knows when we say "Daisy give me a hug" and pat the top of our shoulders that it's ok to jump up for a quick squeeze...

She knows to get REALLLLLY excited and to show us that she's excited when she needs to go # 1 or # 2 because that's how "her humans" know that she needs to go outside...
She knows how to make us laugh with how she gets on and off the bed....

And no matter how crazy she sometimes makes us... or how many times in a day we say "Daisy no!" or "Daisy stop!" ... when it comes down to it... we just couldn't imagine our lives with our little bundle of fur!!

We love you Daisy Rodriguez! We couldn't imagine our lives without you!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Do you ever wonder??

Do you ever wonder why you treat the people who you are closest to the worst?
Is it because you get so comfortable with them? Or because they know you inside and out, and you know they will love you anyways? Or maybe just because you don't realize it?
I often wonder why this is... It's not intentional... quite honestly, my intentions are to treat those I love the absolute best... but it doesn't always happen that way...

When it's "that time of the month" would I snap at my coworkers or friends the way I snapped at my husband? Or would I give that "dirty look" to the guy who served me my lunch like I did my husband when he left something out?

No matter how hard of a day you've had... or how tired you are... or how you just don't feel like doing anything... the last people that should feel the affect of it... are the ones who are treated like that.

I'm only saying this because I've felt guilty lately... I get tired and frustrated because Daisy isn't listening, so I snap at Andy because she won't come inside...
He knows that I'm tired and I really don't mean to be harsh... but what if he didn't??

Thank the Lord for my patient saint of a husband! He can get frustrated too, but he knows much better than me how to control his tongue! He doesn't say exactly what's on his mind... he walks away from a situation to calm down... me, I just say what I feel!
I'm learning tho!  Slowly...

I just felt the need to share that this morning... I don't know why...

I do want to say tho... how amazing my Andy is!!! He works so hard to provide for us, and he is just one. amazing. man!

I'm not sure why I am the one he was to spend the rest of his life with... but I sure glad I am! :)

Honey... I am so proud of you! I love spending every possible moment together and I love that you put up with me even when I am not always wonderful to you! You are the man of my dreams... and I love growing old with you, learning new things with you, and finding out how to just be us!
I'm so excited for our no cell phone date day!!

Have a great day, darling!! xoxo

Everyone else... sorry about the mushy gushy stuff to Andy... but I just love him!! :)
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 24, 2011

1 day off!

This weekend was not my most favorite of weekends... I had training ALL day Friday... and then pretty much all day on Saturday... it was from 8-2:30... which is really 7-3:30 due to the commute and all that.
I told you that the 3 day weekend would be nice, but this week wouldn't be as fun. Well I was right! :)

Friday night I made dinner and we just hung out... then Saturday after I got home I just did some laundry, cleaned the house, and relaxed... it wasn't that great of a day at all... I just wanted to crawl in bed and start the day over. Do you ever have those days? 
Sunday I slept in... and woke up to Andy bringing me coffee. Boy did I need that. I felt like a train hit me! I don't think I changed out of my pajamas until almost 2:00 when I finally took a shower! I was just pooped!

So... our weekend wasn't very eventful at all! But... we are going to have a "date day" on Saturday! Which I am VERY excited about!! We haven't had a day to ourselves in a long time... I think Daisy might even be going to "day care"... which means mommy and daddy have the ENTIRE day! I'll be sure to post about that!

How was your weekend??

Our Sunday dinner I made Fried Chicken! It was soooo good... perfectly cooked on the outside and juicy chicken on the inside! YUM! 
Our little pup likes to sit and look out the back window... she is precious when she does this... she will stare at the world for a good few hours and then come cuddle with us. She's so cute when she's good!  
This was right before nap time... I was laying in bed on Sunday and asked her if she wanted to take a nap... she looked at me like this and then passed out!

My SIL sent this to me while I was in training on Saturday... ohhh that boy is just too much! I can't wait to love on him!!

I love this. I always put my hand on Andy when he snuggles up to sleep next to me (while I'm watching TV)... apparently Daisy felt the need to put her hand on her daddy's head too. sweet girl.

My 2 sleepers! (this was taken during the week...)

The temperature on Saturday!! It was WONDERFUL!!!
No AC for almost a week now! woo hoo!

I went to the jeweler last week to get my rings checked (have to do it every 6 months per the warranty)... and the big diamond on my engagement set was lose... so it had to be sent to the "ring doctor"... so it's just me and the wedding band for another week... and lemme tell you...  I miss my bling! :(
Shallow... maybe?? but what girl doesn't love looking at her wedding ring set throughout the day and is reminded how wonderful life is! I sure do. It always seems to put a smile on my face.
Maybe they'll call me this week and tell me it was done early? :)

Happy Monday!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cha... Cha... Changes...

No, your computer isn't going crazy... we are no longer private!
It was getting too crazy and I just didn't want to keep anyone from our AMAZINGLY exciting life... (;)) So we are now OPEN to the world!! 
But for the love of all, please leave a comment. It really makes this whole bloggy blog thing so much more fun! :) 

I'm fixin' to fry some chicken.... toodles. 

(been here too long huh? that southern drawwwl is starting to shine).


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Punkin!

15 years ago (tomorrow) I watched as a little angel came into this world. She had big brown eyes and chocolate colored hair and was the cutest baby I had ever laid eyes on. She only cried when she really needed something... and was a very happy and content baby.

Cuter than a baby doll!

Winnie the Pooh!

Christmas 96!

Brotherly love!

Smiles for Momma!

The babies!

Daddy's Girl!

3 Years Old!

"Mad Hattie..."

"Happy Hattie...."

Pretty little one!

Helping sissy get ready for the dance!


Kisses for brother!!

She has grown into a stunning young woman with a heart of gold. I love watching her grow into her own person, but wish I could pause time for a minute and re-wind to those days where she always needed her sissy! I love when she texts me her choices of dresses to wear to homecoming, or asks me how to do her hair and makeup, or what shoes to wear... because it means a little piece of her still needs me.
To some people, a sister is only a sister.. but to me, she is one of my best friends, and someone who I can always count on. Even tho she is so much younger than me, she has let me cry when I needed to cry, laugh when I want to, and just let me be me.

Hattie - you are an amazing yong lady and you are beautiful inside and out! You can always count on me to be there for you, and I will always support you no matter what!!
Of course you can count on Andy too... you know if a guy breaks your heart he and your brothers will be the first ones out there!

I love you, Hattie... you will always be my little punkin! I wish I could give you a hug in person... but take a rain-check and I'll give it to you so very soon!!

Love you! Ranandy

Here are some things we love about you, Hattie:
You are Beautiful.

You are strong on the inside and out!

Your contagious Smile!

Your Happy Heart!

Justin Beiber Lover!
Loving sister in law!

Your Daddy's little girl!
You are an amazing Auntie to Jack!

You are always up for fun!

You are a wonderful daughter, sister, friend!

a Baby lover!

always a good listener!

Momma's little angel!

You are thankful of God's creation!
Good travel buddy!

Encourager for the scared!

Family oriented!

Amazing MOH!

Most of all... YOU!