Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What a morning!

Whew... what a morning.

I woke up late (my alarm messed up... my own fault), slipped in the shower (owwww!), went to feed Daisy and I spilled her BIG HUGE tub of dog food all over the floor... (took me 10 minutes to clean that up), still running late.... , burnt my finger trying to pour my coffee and grab a thing of oatmeal at the same time, hit a rain storm on the way to work, tripped and almost ate it in the parking lot on the way in... but I still managed to make it at 8:01 (suppose to be here at 8:00).

I'm just a stress ball when I wake up late. It is annoying.

On another note... tickets to come home for Christmas are almost $1,300.00!! :( If that's how expensive it's going to be... I'm not sure what we will be doing. It's so sad because we REALLY want to go home for Christmas... but that's just A LOT of money!!!
A month later it would be $840.00! It's so annoying that they raise the prices so much.
Say a prayer it will all work out, would ya??

Happy Tuesday!! I hope the rest of the day goes better!

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