Wednesday, September 28, 2011


It's been a crazy week already!!!
Nothing really to blog about... but here are some updates...

I had my FINAL Doctor appointment yesterday... Dr M is VERY pleased with the progress and was impressed I was back to my normal self only 2 weeks after my surgery! She said if I have to have a C-Section baby, I'd be a ol' pro! That was awesome to hear!! She also said that my incision healed really well and hopefully the scar tissue that is below it will heal as quickly as the incision did.
Also... she got engaged!! Is it weird that I'm excited my OB is engaged?? ha ha! 
She did do a pregnancy test because since they "poked and prodded" my Ovary so much it has messed me up with the female stuff... and that came back negative, which I knew it would be... but I will still just a bit disappointed...

There is an open position at work... and I am going to apply for it!
It's an "Admissions Associate" position and it consists of basically taking future students on tours of the campus, explaining to them what we offer, and helping them invest in their future by enrolling at Virginia College.... see, don't I sound great already?! ha ha!
Once it becomes open online I will apply.
I had to do alot of praying, talking, and thinking about it... but it is something I would like to do and it's a great opportunity. It would be a significany pay raise... and who wouldn't want more mulah?!
So... say a prayer for me, would ya?

Tonight, my wonderful hubby is taking me to get this....
and hopefully this case....

I have been waiting 4 years ... I was holding out until the iPhone came to Verizon, and it did in January but my contract is now ready for an upgrade!! Bye Bye Blackberry... you've been good to me!
If you have any iPhone tips or if you play Words with Friends... text me! :)

Hope y'all are doing well! Happy Wednesday!!!!

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