Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tumor is BENIGN!!

First off... TUMOR IS BENIGN!!! YAY!!!
That means, no cancer! Thanks you Jesus! and thank you for your thoughts and prayers!! 
We very much appreciate them!! 

Today has been a good day... yesterday I was MISERABLE! In so much pain! I asked my doctor about it today when she called to tell me the good news and she said the pain that I'm having is where they "dug around"... which I figured, but it was nice to have confirmation. She said stay on top of my pain medication... which my lovely husband has been telling me... and just not push it. Even tho I'm starting to feel good (today), I need to still remember that I can't lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk and can't really do much... ugh. 

I am going back to work on Monday, I think I'll be ok. I just sit there at my job... I don't move much... which I don't really like, until now. ha! 
I am allowed to drive 2 weeks post-op, but I'm going to start driving a little this weekend to make sure I'll be ok come Monday morning... that was my smart hubby's suggestion! ;)

My husband took these pictures, here's what I've been up to! 
Fun right?!

My sleeping buddy Daisy! :) 

I'm really excited to put on some of this on....
And some normal clothes... I actually got a top kinda like this at GAP when we went shopping on my birthday.. I think I'll wear that on Monday! 

And SO READY to get rid of these!!! Once I'm feeling better of course! 

No idea where I would be without this good looking man taking care of me!! He's been doing laundry almost daily, dishes, making me meals, making sure I'm resting, cleaning the house, and most of all loving me while I'm hard to love! 

Here he is doing laundry.
Thanks babe for everything, you are wonderful!!! 

And just for old times sake... I was looking through pictures on my laptop, I found this one...
She was so TINY!!!!! She's getting so tall now! I don't even remember her this little! :( Is this how y'all feel about kids?? I'm going to be a mess when we have babies! I want to pause the time so our almost 40 lb fur baby stays small! I'm SO proud of her... she's FINALLY catching on to how to potty and poop outside! Now if we can teach her to COME when she is called... we'll be great! 

Happy Wednesday y'all... it is Wednesday right? ha! That's how mixed up I've been! 

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