Friday, September 23, 2011


Who's happy it's Friday???? I sure am!!!

What a cute little boy! He's having fun with his momma and daddy in HAWAII!! Jealous!!

He wants to sing too!!

loving the swings!!

This was our dinner last night (cream of mushroom chicken, red potatoes and corn.. I didn't have rolls so we had to have a slice of bread... ) ... we are having Andy's REAL birthday dinner on Sunday... I'm making his mom's Taquitos, Yummy Rice and my mom's Beans! I can't wait!!

This weekend we don't have anything planned other than dinner on Sunday... For Andy's birthday I got him the "NFL Sunday Ticket"... so he doesn't miss a SINGLE football game! yay huh?? :)
What was I thinking.... See you in the spring honey! ;)
I think I might clean house tonight so we can just lazy around and catch up on the DVR tomorrow!

What are your weekend plans??

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