Friday, September 23, 2011

Say Whaaaa??

7 months. That's how long I've been living in the South. I can't even tell you all the things I've learned in the short time we've been here... oh goodness it would take all day!
I will, however, go over how they talk down here... or "up in here" as they say! Ladies and gents, I kid you not, it takes me a good minute to figure out what people are saying to me... and if they say they are "from the country"... forget it, I just need to get a translator! Oh Sweet Jesus. (that's one of them....)

In the South... it's called "Southern talk" or "Ebonics"... I've had several people tell me I speak "proper"... you'll see what I mean!

Anyways... here we go! Be ready to be amazed at what some of these things mean...

Whack- bad
Pimp'd Out - well dressed
5-0 - Police
Fly - good ... I've heard many times "you look so fly!" ummmm... thanks?
Don't be trippin - Don't be anxious
Shortiez - children
Bu - your boyfriend/girlfriend
Crackaz - Caucasian person
Finin - prounounced Fi-NiN - Fixin
Fixin - getting ready
y'all - You all (I must admit I'm guilty of saying that)
A'ight - Alright
Holla - get a hold of someone
Child - friend
Straight - you normally say "We Straight" meaning all is well
A minute - not a minute, really means an hour, a day, or even a week!
A hawt mess - silly or tacky ... "that girl is a hot mess" .. meaning she didn't really put herself together right... could be clothes, could be hair, could be make up....

Some phrases....

Ohhhhhhh Lord! - oh goodness
That's "off da hook" or That's "off da chain" -- That's VERY good!
I'm going to "cut off the lights" - I'm going to turn off the lights

So.. if you ever move to the South, google "Ebonic translation" and hold that close!! Oh and if someone tells you "you so stupid" ... it really means your so silly... you're really NOT stupid! I didn't know that. :)

There are plenty more... but these are the few that I hear multiple times a day... one of my coworkers came out and said to me "child, I've had a wacked out day, I tried to holla at one of my students and he cut his phone off and I couldn't get him. I'm finin to call his bu so we be straight... ohhhhhhh Lord!"

took me a minute to get that one.


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