Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

If this little guy doesn't make you smile... I don't know what will!

Had my dr's appointment today...
good news: Thyroid isn't AS high as it was on the day of surgery!
bad news: I'm anemic, but it runs in the family so I'll just pump some iron and get it up... ;)
kidding... more leafy green veggies for this girl!
good news: I've lost 15 lbs since before surgery...
bad news: 3 or 4 lbs was the tumor itself.

All in all... a good day at the Doctor!
Now, to deal with our AWFUL Landlord about stupid issues that they won't take care of!

Attention: if you EVER move to Hinesville, don't use Exit Realty. They suck.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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