Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Jakey!!!

Happy Birthday Jacob!!!!
Tomorrow is our oldest nephews birthday!! It's so sad that we aren't able to help them celebrate... but we are there in our hearts!! We hope to face-time with the family too!

I remember when Jacob was born... his Auntie Liz and I were working together at the rehab hospital and she had her cell phone in her pocket so she wouldn't miss that important call!

There have been 4 "Baby J's" in our family...he's the original! :)

Jacob and his momma Charity

Jacob was the ring bearer at Auntie Liz and Uncle Pat Pat's wedding.
He did so good!!

What a cutie!!!

Kisses from Auntie!


Swimming at my parent's pool!

Ring bearer at our wedding, but not really wanting to take pictures!

The Rodriguez's!

Frank and Jake on his first day of school!!

Happy Birthday buddy!!!

We wish we could be there tomorrow for your party, but we will see you very soon!! We love you so much and can't wait to come home and take you to McDonalds and the movies! Uncle Andy already has plans for it!!
Have a great birthday and make your momma and daddy give you hugs and kisses from us!!
Uncle Andy and Aunt Randi

(Thank you to Facebook for letting me "steal" all these photos from my in-laws pages!) :)

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