Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Honey!!

Here are some Happy Birthday messages for you....

(thank you for feeding me)
Woof... Woof... Woof...
(thank you for loving me)
Woof.. Woof... Woof...Woof...
(thank you for petting me and walking me)
Woof.. Wooooooof... Woof!
(I looooove you!)
~ Daisy


Happy Birthday Brother!! I hope you have a great day. Only one more year and you will be 30. So proud of everything you have accomplished. I love you
~Your little sis! 

Happy Birthday Andy!
~ Katie


“Happy B-day old man (you’ll always be older than me….).  Hope it’s a good one.”
~ Pat


Happy Birthday Old Man!! Hope your day is wonderful.
~ Brittany Motz


Happy Birthday Bro, hope it's the best one!
~ Stan


Happy Birthday Andy!!

Wish you were here so we could help you celebrate.

Having Randi in your life should make this the best birthday ever!

Love you
~ Mama (Joanne)


Dear Andy,

We are so glad you are part of the family (JD says he hasn't officially met you yet so jury is still out).  You are an amazing man and wonderful husband and we hope you have a special birthday.  Or at least we hope the cake is good...

Love you so much!

~ JD, Jade and Jackson


Andy – Enjoy your first birthday as a member of our family and your last birthday in your 20’s!  We love you!  From your second set of parents…
~ Susan

Happy Birthday Andy, and may the Lord bless you in abundance!  I am hoping that you’ve already gotten some good use out of the BBQ Susan and I had sent last month – may it continue to provide good times for both you and Randi.  Take good care and again, Happy Birthday!
~ Chris


I found this and thought it was cute... Andy will be having a military birthday because he will be at work :( I guess that's the joy of being an adult huh??


Happy Birthday to the most amazing man in my life!! I am so lucky to be married to you. You are such a great husband, leader, friend and puppy daddy! You are my world and I can't imagine life without you! I am proud to call you my man! :)
I love you!!
~ Randi

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