Thursday, September 15, 2011

Friday eve...

Tomorrow is Friday.
Thank goodness.
The first week back has been long and was good up until last night... I started hurting... I even took a pain pill. Today I feel a little better...but not great. It's going to be a cereal night (sorry honey), and early to bed for this girl! I need to remind myself to take it easy!

Our apartment flooded. Awesome right?
I walked into our house to find this...

A pipe busted underneath our condo and flooded our guest room, guest bathroom, office, hallway and laundry area.... and our neighbor's condo! So happy we don't own this place! Oh and our AC went crazy yesterday... again.

I broke down yesterday.
I think I've just been super stressed, in pain, and just plain tired.
Thankfully Andy was there and just held me and let me cry. He is absolutely amazing. He's strong when I'm weak, he's happy when I'm sad, he's positive when I'm negative... I just love him!

Speaking of Andy... his birthday is in ONE week from today!!!! 
I love that we get to spend  both our birthdays together!!!

Will y'all do me a favor?? Will you email me ( everything you love about him so I can include it in my blog post??

Have a great Thursday!

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