Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday!

Today has been great!

Last night after Andy got home I made dinner and we relaxed for a while and then went and got ice-cream and got my car washed. What an exciting couple we are huh! ha ha!

Did I tell you that I moved to the day shift?? I'm SO VERY excited about that!! I am transitioning into the 8-5 position... and when the girl that they are most likely hiring starts I'll train her and then be done with the hated 11-8! :)
This week I've mostly worked the 8-5 and I love it!! I love being home with my husband for dinner, and being able to spend some time with Daisy before we go to bed, and I just love being more productive in the evenings! Did I mention I love seeing my  husband more?? because that's the BEST part! I think he kinda likes it too! ;)

Tomorrow Miss Daisy gets dropped off nice and early to the vet to be "fixed"... our little girl is growing up too fast! She's getting big and is starting to act more like a dog instead of a puppy... now if we can just get her to learn to NOT mess in the house... life would be great! I think it will help being on the same schedule as Andy... it gives her more of a routine. She doesn't do it much, but if we don't notice her gestures, then we have some cleaning to do...

This was yesterday afternoon... after I cleaned I layed in bed for a while until Andy got home and Daisy hopped right up there with me and sat like this for a good hour... until she heard her daddy's car door closed... then it was all about him! :)
She is such a snuggler! I love it!! I hope she keeps that as an adult dog.

I have my Doctors appointment tomorrow at 12pm EST so I'll be sure to do a post tomorrow sometime.

Happy Wednesday!

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