Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekend... via pictures!

This weekend has been great so far!!! 

We got to face-time with Liz, Pat, Jacob and Jayson! 

We got super cute pictures of Jack from Jade! 

We got to hang out with our wonderful friends Todd, Kelly and Emily!
(We are convinced Daisy has a crush on Todd!) 

Todd played with Daisy so hard, that she slept from 11 pm - 9 am! Which mean mommy and daddy also got to sleep in!! Thanks Todd!!

Taking a break! 

Our little adopted niece Emily! 

We went to a new restaurant with great friends...

And ate AMAZING food!!! 

CJ even danced with one of the owners... 

Melody and I! 

My husband even sorta took a picture with me.... (he HATES pictures!) 

How cute are they?? 
Carlos, Melody and baby cupcake! (Melody is pregnant) 

They even celebrated Andy's birthday! (a little early....) 

and then CJ played us a sweet sweet song on the piano! 

There you have our weekend in pictures!! 

Tomorrow we are deep cleaning, doing laundry, and packing hospital bags... it's crazy to think that we are almost to surgery day!! 
I better run... Daisy is trying to squeeze herself into my lap. 

Have a great Sunday! 

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