Wednesday, August 31, 2011


This post is going to be SHORT with a capital S because I just took some pain meds and will be feeling quite loopy in a few minutes!
Surgery was Monday - checked in at 5:45 am and was being wheeled into my room around 12 noon... surgery itself took only 2 hours or so, but the prep time and the recovery time takes a bit longer. 
Day 1: ate a clear liquid diet that consisted of some broth, juice, jello and water. Yummm. All the tubes that were in me were: Cathater for my urine, IV tube for my fluids, IV tube for my meds, Pulse Ox to measure my breathing and heart rate, and a random blood pressure cuff every now and then. Around 5 I was able to eat a regular diet! yay. I was a little hungry by this point... 
In between everything Dr. M came in and said she took out my tumor which was huge, the size of a softball, cut it and sent it off to be biopsied, and they were able to leave my Right Ovary and Fallopian tubes. YES.... THEY LEFT MY OVARY!!!! I am the proud owner of 2 Ovaries!!! YAY!!!! 
Thank you Jesus!
She said she wanted me up walking sooner than later... so at around 8 that night I got up and tried my hardest. It Hurt. I was in tears. I thought I was going to pass out. I hate life. I wanted to just have Andy hold me and not let me go.
But, I managed to make it up the hall with my wonderful night nurse on one side and my amazing  husband on the other.
We slept horribly.
The nurse was in every hour checking on me, my breathing was a little off so she kept coming in and monitoring me. 
My poor hubby had to be up at 4:30, and I think he MAYBE got 1 hour of sleep. He's a champ.

So, Tuesday morning I got up at 6 and went on a walk... It was much different! I made a lap and a half! I was shocked... Then I felt like I was ready to pass out! ha! They were able to take my catheter out at that point, yay! but that meant I had to get up to walk to the bathroom... ugh. 
Breakfast came and I ate, lunch came and I ate that too... so then they took out my IV and pain pump tubes... YAY! Then my Dr came and said I could go home!!!!

Now comes to the home part... not really anything to report, except that my HUSBAND IS AMAZING!!!!! He is five steps ahead of me, he's there getting me up before I even ask, he reminds me to stand up straight, he walks me everytime I need to go to the bathroom, AND he's taking care of the dog and the things around the house. Honey, you are a rock star!!!!

I've basically been sleeping and drinking and eating, and then start all over.. fun right? 
If you don't like to talk bodily stuff: skip this part.
I haven't had a bowel movement yet. It's almost Thursday, last one was Sunday... no bueno. But I'm working on that... and they gave me plenty of medicine to help. Let's just hope it starts working. soon.

Anyways... there you have it! My life post-op. 
We should know by Thursday if the little tumor is cancerous or not. I'm feeling positive. 

Daisy knows mommy's hurt... she's been a very good girl! 

Flowers to brighten up my boring hospital room! 
Thanks mom, dad, Nate, Hattie and Mama! 
I also got a balloon boquet from some friends but forgot to take the picture! I was a little out of it, but thanks Melody, Carlos, CJ and Leo! 

Finally I was fully awake and there was my handsome husband to greet me! 
I love him! 

I snapped a picture of Andy trying to get some zzz's when I was suppose to be napping :) 

Thank you AGAIN for your thoughts and prayers!! 
And thank you to our friends the Wootens, Leo, and the Esquilin's for visiting us!! We love y'all! 

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