Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Results are IN!

First of all.... The CT results are in! 
My phone rang yesterday and it was "Winn OBGYN" calling... it's Saturday so why would they be calling, that's what I was thinking... so I picked up and  it was Dr. M! I said "what are you doing at work on a Saturday?" she said.. very excitedly... "I'm a OB, we're always here, but that's beside the point... your liver results are BENIGN!" 
That was probably the best thing I've heard all week. Benign. Whew. 1 down, 1 more to go! 
So, we will proceed with surgery as planned on August 29th. 
She wasn't sure what the spots are, but they could be something as simple as blood vessels... so I will have to have follow up CT scans every few years or so, just to make sure everything is still good. 

I love how Dr. M is so serious, but so sweet at the same time. 

Now... onto pictures...
Our weekend has been pretty un-eventful... Friday Andy and I went to dinner and a movie, it was fun. I always love going to the movie, especially with him! :) I have to tell you, we found "cuddle seats" as we like to call them... at the movie theater we go to, the first row of the top section are "cuddle seats" basically meaning the arm rest goes up so we can snuggle. Now that we have found those seats, we try to sit there! I was smart this time and brought a blanket that my MIL made me, it's the PERFECT movie blanket. You have to remember, since it's so hot here... the movie people CRANK the AC.... so it's about 60 degrees in there! hence... the blanket.
This was at dinner!

These last pictures were taken the other night while we went to our friends The Wootens house for dinner! Todd is an amazing cook, and we had delicious steak! yum yum! Their daughter Emily is just adorable!!! 

Emily LOVES Uncle Andy!! 

I snapped a picture while he was watching TV. 

My little buddy! 

Seriously, is she not the cutest thing ever?! She's 2 and she is SO SO SO smart!! Andy and I are always asking Todd and Kelly parenting advice and what they did with Emily, because she is seriously the smartest and cutest little 2 year old!! 
We love you miss Emily!! 

Also... a big THANK YOU to all of you that read this! Since going private I kinda get to see who reads this, and there are so many of you!!! I had no idea!! Now...y'all need to start blogging so I can blog stalk you too! :) 

Happy Sunday y'all! 

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