Friday, August 26, 2011


I had my pre-op appointment this morning. Whew. Lots to take in!
We started at pre-admissions and went up to pre-op to do vitals (my BP was 105/55 by the way... go me!), went over the day of surgery stuff, what to do and what not to do Monday morning...
did you know you can't even have pretty painted fingernails when you go into the OR!
 After pre-op with the nurse I met with the nice lady who will make me go to sleep... also known as the anesthesiologist ... she was nice. She went over basic things like when they put me to sleep, how, when they stick the breathing tube in, when it comes out, etc.
Some things I could have gone without hearing... but ya know, that's just how it goes.
Then I went to get my blood drawn, I'm pretty sure they took enough! In fact, I wonder if they left any for me!  Ha!
Then we were on our way.
Nothing too exciting, just mainly to inform me... Now I'm ready! Bring on Monday. Let's get this thing out of me, and get the answers to the biopsy!

That's all. :)

Everyone have a great weekend! I know we will!!

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