Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pre-Op part one...

I met with my Doctor this morning to go over all my pre-op stuff from the Doctors point of view.
Let me just tell you, I love my Dr! She is just so thorough and on top of it and answers all my questions before I even ask them! She's so great!!
So... First off... They send their CT scans off site to a radiologist somewhere in Arizona... well they sent him mine from Tuesday and he wanted to see my other one from 10 days ago... by the time he received that, he hadn't had a chance to review them together.... so, no CT results today.
She did give me more information about what to expect through all of this... and did another Ultrasound. I am DONE with the pelvic Ultrasounds... they HURT and cause more pain than I need. I'm already having a little discomfort, I would not like anymore please. Thanks.
Anyways, the sweet nurse took me back, did my vitals (Blood Pressure was 120/89... mine is normally 90/68) so you could tell I was a tad bit nervous and in pain.) Also, I have lost 7 pounds in 8 days... y'all I'm ok with the weight loss! But my Dr however was not too excited about it... she said I need to quit stressing and just have a normal diet... well easier said then done! and when I'm in pain, I don't really feel like eating. I promised I'd work on it...

Also, the tumor has grown a wee bit... so she is happy that we are proceeding with surgery sooner than scheduled. She went over all the risks and all that of surgery, yadda yadda yadda, and explained to me that I would be in the hospital at least 1 maybe 2 nights.

She also gave Andy a note to stay home with me for 2 weeks, so that will be good. Poor guy gets to wait on me hand and foot! She also said that my left ovary is still great and we should have no problem with fertility, assuming they have to take my right Ovary... which is more likely than not.
I was comforted when she told me that there would be her and another MD in the OR. The OB doctor that I saw in the ER on Saturday is also going to scrub in on the surgery. I am very thankful that Andy has been able to meet both of the docs, and that he was at my appointment today! It just helps when that man you love is right next to you hearing all of this information.
I would love to say that I'm not worried, I do however feel a lot more comfortable after meeting with Dr. M. It's surgery, I'm going to have tubes stuck in me all over, I'm going to be cut open and left with a 8 inch scar on my tummy, I'm being  "put under"... I'd be concerned if I wasn't a little worried... but I do know that the good Lord is watching over me, and I have lots of people thinking about me and praying for me... and I appreciate each and everyone of you!
Now let's just get this thing out and hope that it's cancer-free!!!! :)

Andy also had his appointment with his surgeon today, He (the surgeon) is VERY happy with his progress!! He graduated to a different brace today... which is good because that other one was just about worthless. ha!
I am so proud of him, he has worked so hard and continues to work hard! I am excited we will have some R&R time together, even tho he might want to kick me out after a few days! ha! I am stupborn.. I like to do things on my own and sometimes push myself a little too hard... sorry honey! It's because I want to take care of you!

My SIL sent me this picture... this was taken our wedding week. Look at how tiny Jack was!!! :(

Little miss Daisy had a surgery today too... she is now "fixed"... I'm anxious to see how she is doing... can't wait to get home to cuddle my girl!

This is one of my favorite dogs ever!!! Meet Marley... I met Marley when she was a wee pup and her mommy and daddy brought her home... she is now 6! She was my first "fur niece"... she is precious and I would love to get Daisy together with all the Golden's back home... but getting her there would be a problem!!

Happy Thursday y'all... it's ALMOST TGIF!!!!!

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