Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Excuse me, Dr?

What a week it's been already...
Sunday I felt a little out of it.. but didn't think anything of it... we just relaxed and hung out at home all day. Monday morning I woke up around 3 am with a horrible headache, vommiting, sweating like nobody's business and freezing all at the same time... I took care of business and went back to bed. Up at 6 again with the same thing... then again at 7:30 I tried to get up to go into work and was just not feeling it... so I told work I'd be in later and laid back down. Around 10ish Andy texted me to see how I was and I was just feeling nasty... so he told me he was coming home to take me to the ER. Well if you know me, you know I'd rather stay at home and deal with the pain. People go to the ER and bad things happen!
So off we went... and I am so thankful we did!

We checked in at the desk around 10:30 am... then waited. and waited. and waited. We were brought back to a room around 1:30ish and immediately the Dr came in and examined me. He asked me where I hurt, etc... and looked in my ears, in my mouth... and then did an abdomen exam. He pushed on the left side, the middle and they were fine... then he pushed on the right side and it HURT like the dickens! He asked if I had pain there and I said "no, not until you pushed on it"... so he said he was going to order a CT scan to look into my stomach a little more. No biggie I thought... so I just said ok and waited.

Well... after 11 hours in the hospital, 2 doses of Morphine, 3 bags of IV fluid, 2 bottles of CT grossness (seriously NASTY), and some CT contrast dye stuck up my IV... I was laying on the table smiling pretty for my picture. ha! ok, not really.

As I was laying there I thought to myself... "I'm ready for the Dr to come in and say this is normal you have a stomach bug, go home..."

Well, we had another thing coming.

After waiting about 20 minutes for the Radiologist to read the scan, the Dr came in... and the news she gave hit us like a ton of bricks.

Remember, I have had 2 doses of Morphine by this point, so I'm a little loopy... but not loopy enough to hear this news!

Basically I have a tumor called a Teratoma next to my right Ovary and some spots on my Liver.

Here's the email my mom sent to our family and it basically sums it up perfectly... I meant to ask her if she was taking notes when I talked to her! ha!

An abdominal ultrasound is scheduled for Aug. 26 to find out how close the teratoma is to her right ovary and find out if there is anything by her left ovary. Right now the teratoma is the size of a baseball. If the tera toma is too close, they will have to remove the right ovary during the surgery. They will biopsy the teratoma once removed to determine further treatment.

She is waiting for an appointemnt with a gastroentrologist (off post-the Army does not have this specialist). If they are concerned about the liver spots, they will schedule the surgery off post and biopsy the liver spots at the same time as they perform the other surgery. This will mean that she also has to go to an OB off post. This morning she saw an OB on post and liked her.

The surgery is considered major abdominal surgery and recovery is 4-6 weeks.

So... there you have it.

I talked to my boss today and they are very willing to work with me and my schedule... I am SO thankful for them! I haven't been here for 90 days yet so no sick leave or short term disability but that's ok!
Anyways... there you have it!
Prayers are very much appreciated! To be honest, right now I am just praying for Doctors wisdom and that the tumor and spots are benign!
And I'm going to be honest... because that's what this blog is all about.. I'm praying I can have at least one Ovary, it's our dream to have babies some day and I have always longed for that day when we get pregnant.
I've even felt today that if something happens and I lose both, that I will fail as a wife in providing children for my husband. I know that's NOT AT ALL how he feels or things, but I can't help but think that in the back of my mind.
I have to say... I am SO very thankful for my supportive husband! It's been a trying summer for us so far, but we do not fall apart in hard times... they bring us so much closer and if that's the reason for all of this, then we welcome it with open arms!!


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