Monday, August 15, 2011

ER trip # 2....

What. A. Weekend.

Friday evening I had a little bit of a uncomfortable feeling... not anything bad, but uncomfortable. Saturday, I woke up... did a few things around the house, was up and down letting Daisy out... next thing I know, I'm laying on the couch and I have a HORRIBLE, AWFUL, INTENSE knife stabbing pain in my right side. I mean, we're talking the kind of pain 2 Hydrocodone's didn't even touch! It was awful! I waited a little bit and when the pain started traveling down into my thigh, I decided it was probably time to go back to the good ol' ER.
So, slowly Andy got me in the car and we were on our way. Thankfully, there were a whole 2 people in the ER when we go there... whew. That meant hardly any wait! yay.
They got me in within 20 minutes and back in a bed about 10 minutes after that. I was SO thankful! The nurses came in to start an IV on me... of course they missed the first time, I'm quite used to that after a life of people trying to draw my blood on invisible veins. After she blew the vein in my left wrist, she went in the spot where I told her to go in the first place. The only spot people have ever been able to draw blood or stick an IV. People, just listen to the patient... I promise they know where their  "good spot" is!
So... they took another 4 tubes of blood, after the 5 they took the other day I'm not sure how much I have left in there! ha! Ran some tests and then the Dr came in. They did an Ultrasound and couldn't even see my Right Ovary because the tumor was blocking it! The good news... it's still the size of a baseball so it hadn't grown in a week. That's great!
And... the even better news....
my left ovary is perfect!!!!!!!!
That means, when this is all said and done, we will still be able to have babies!! Remember... you only need 1 good ovary! :)

So after they received the Ultrasound results the Dr came back in and told me he was going to call a OBGYN we waited some more. The nurse came to move me to an OB room and we waited a little more. The OB doctor came and did a pelvic exam and another ultrasound. He kept poking my "insides" and it was not fun in the least!
Basically he said my Ovary hadn't turned, but he didn't know why the pain was so bad. He was assuming it was because it was pushing on my Ovary. So it wasn't emergent enough to do the surgery that night, which I was VERY thankful for... but they will be doing it soon... or so he said.

So.. basically I slept all weekend. We even went to a movie and I fell asleep part way through it. I hardly ever fall asleep when I'm at a movie theatre! But... I just laid my head down on Andy's shoulder and nighty-night!
I woke up Sunday morning very nauseous and threw up, but I think that was a mixture of all the pain medication. I wasn't too worried about that.

Today, I'm feeling ok.. not great, but not bad. Pain is about a 4ish right now... Saturday it was up to a 7, so you can imagine how great I feel today! ha!
My doctor just called as I was blogging and gave me a list of appointments... so tomorrow I go for the CT of my Liver, Thursday I meet with her for the pre-op stuff, next Friday I meet with admissions and anesthesiologist and 2 weeks from today on August 29th is my surgery. So... I'm on the road to getting this done.
I'm both thankful and nervous.
So in 4 weeks we will have the results of the Biopsy... yay! I'm very anxious for that. Very.

Happy Monday everyone, I hope your day is fantastic!

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