Tuesday, August 16, 2011

CT scans and house work!

This morning I had my CT scan of my liver (to look at the spots more closely)... It was ok.
I am thankful the CT guy was able to get my IV started on the FIRST try! Because the last few times I've been there, they have had to poke me at least 2 times. People. I am sick of iv's, ultra sounds, ct scans and doctor appointments... I'm just ready to be done with this, but just 12 more days and they'll be wheeling me into the surgery suite and cuttin away! 

After the CT I was pretty tired, but I stopped off at the commissary since I was so close and we were in DESPERATE need of groceries. I usually do the house work and grocery shopping on the weekends, but since I was down and out this weekend, nothing got done.
So, I did quick menu planning and shopping in my head and came home to put it all away. I cleaned the bathrooms, cleaned our room, vacuumed the floors, bathed Daisy and am on laundry load # 5. Whew! probably too much... and I'll probably feel it in a little bit... but hey, it looks good right now! :) 

I am taking it easy now, just hanging out with sweet Daisy on the bed watching TiVo'd shows. I needed this, I needed to relax and get things done. 2 weeks from today we will be doing this exact same thing... haha! minus all the work that led up to it.

So... on Thursday at 12:00 I meet with my doctor to go over the CT results and that is also my pre-op appointment. 

I'm going to make Chicken fetuchinni alfredo tonight... yum! 
Wish me luck! ha! 

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