Thursday, August 25, 2011

Crazy Daisy...

Our little Daisy Duke is really starting to make her parents crazy!!!

She doesn't seem to get that when she does her business (#2 in fact) that she needs to go OUTSIDE! Not inside! She goes potty outside now (thankfully!!!) but when it comes to pooping... she thinks it's ok to go in the house! And, this is after we've let her out a few times! I don't get it!!! She is going to live her life in her kennell if she doesn't start taking control of this!

Look at this cute face, it's so hard to punish her when she's so cute!

This is after she got in trouble for biting! We have a rolled up magazine that we spank her with, and some days it doesn't even seem to phase her!!

Of course after she gets in trouble by daddy, she wants to cuddle with mommy... or vice versa... depending on who the punisher was that day!!

Oh sweet Daisy, we love you so much but when you don't come when we tell you to come... or poop outside when we take you outside... you might just be "deported" as your daddy says!!
We won't give up on this lovable puppy, but we might have a few grey hairs and a sore hand from the spankings!
Is she trying to prepare us for parent-hood?!

Happy Thursday y'all!
Tomorrow I meet with pre-op... surgery is 4 short days away! whew!
As far as the update with how I'm feeling: I have more good days than bad, I can tell my body has had a break from the Doctors messing with me because I'm not as crampy or sore as I was. Thankfully! Now ask me after tomorrow! :)

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