Friday, August 12, 2011

Birthday Fun!!

Today was absolutely perfect!!

I went to work for 4 hours and my wonderful hubs came with me... then the fun started!!!
We stopped at a gas station to get a little snack so we could head straight to South Carolina for some shopping fun!! 

We went to the Tanger Outlets in SC and oh my word... I could have spent ALL day there... and a few paychecks at that! But instead, we went straight to the Coach store and then hit another few stores and made our way back to Savannah. 
Isn't she a beauty!?

Inside view. 

We stopped to eat at a Steakhouse for dinner because I had been craving a steak. The plan was to eat a a Mexican restaurant called Jalapeno's because I LOOOOOVE Mexican food, but for some reason I wanted a steak, corn on the cob and some sweet tea... well I got 2 out of the 3. Oh... and by the way, what Steakhouse doesn't serve corn on the cob? really? They did, however have a really good side salad that I think I scarfed down in about 5 minutes! They also gave us a Sundae, complimentary of course!
Enjoying my steak. 

After dinner we went to the bigger mall in Savannah (not the one my job is in)... and went to Charming Charlies. Y'all... if you have not been in one, I suggest you google it and find one! It's amazing!! 
2 of my friends from work gave me a gift certificate, and I had no problem what-so-ever spending that! :) 
As we walked in I sang the "Halleluijah" chorus... my husband knows I'm weird, but I think he thought I was extra weird during that. ha! 

I got this adorable "flat wallet"... I have been wanting one of these for so long, and I fell in love with this one! 


I also got this necklace and earring set, it's so cute! It's a light pink with pearls on a silver chain. So classy and can go with almost anything!

I also got these cute tissues! :) 

When we came home we cleaned up around the house, hung out with poor Daisy who had been in her kennel ALL day long... bad parents! She is STILL sick with diarrhea so we had some scrubbing of the floors to do. Thanks Daisy for that sweet birthday gift! 

Call me crazy, but one of my top favorite things in the whole world is fresh sheets!! I LOVE getting into a bed where the sheets have just been washed... so while we were cleaning I threw ours in the washer, I think I wash them at minimum once a week... but I just wanted that clean sheet feel tonight! 

So... as I write this, I am laying on fresh smelling clean sheets! :) 

Here's my hottie husband trying to hide while I take a picture of our fresh bed!

I'm sure most of you are wondering what's going on with the Tumor in me.... I'm glad to say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
I have had NO pain today and I am SO excited about that!! Yesterday I felt great too!! I think it's starting to relax from the irritation it received the first part of this week!

My doctor's office however did call me today... Remember how I wasn't going to even get in for the CT scan until September? Well... my CT is now scheduled for August 23rd, Ultrasound still scheduled for August 26th and now I see Dr. M on August 31st! So... by the END of this month we will have some answers!!!! I'm assuming they will have surgery scheduled by first part of September now... which I have mixed feelings about. I was excited it was later September because my 90 day and short term disability kicks in on Sept 20th... but oh well!! I am more thankful that they are able to get me in and get this taken care of so I can start the road to recovery... and find out if this thing is benign or not! 

So... lots of great things happened today. Makes me thankful that I have another year to look back and reflect how my life has changed, and a bright future ahead of me. 

I am just blown away by all the texts, phone calls, facebook messages I've received that simply say "Happy Birthday"... I have a lot of wonderful people in my life and I'm thankful for all of you!!!

Thank you to my wonderful husband who made this birthday perfect. Andy, it's been a crazy hectic emotional week.... but I wouldn't want to go through it with anyone else. I love you more than words can describe, and the next month will be hard, but we know we can survive anything!! xoxo

Everyone have a great weekend! And count your blessings... I know I sure am! 

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  1. Love your purse! SO cute! I am so sorry the pain is back - I hope you feel better soon!!