Thursday, August 4, 2011

Birthday blues are OVER!

A few weeks ago I posted that I was "in a rut" and just not excited for my birthday... and I have to tell you, my attitude is COMPLETELY different!
I just did some thinking and realized that I should be thankful that I still have a birthday, and thankful that I have loving friends and family who want to celebrate ME!

The past 26 years my mom and dad have made every effort to make my birthday amazing for me... whether it was going to the water parks in the hot Arizona sun, planning a dance in our garage for my "sweet 16", her and my dad grilling out and cooking my favorite dishes, making my favorite banana pudding, always spoiling me with wonderful gifts... and just loving me and making "my day" as perfect as they could.
Last year, Andy was at Basic and I didn't even get to talk to him on my birthday and I was SO sad... but my family and friends still made the extra effort to make it wonderful... and it was... even tho he wasn't able to be there, it was amazing!!

This year will be different... no mom and dad to cook for me... no double parties with my brother in law, no water parks because this Georgia sun is awful! But... I am with the man I love and it couldn't be more perfect!!
I am working for 4 hours so Andy is going to come to work with me and then we are just going to go have an afternoon to ourselves... I am not sure what he is planning... but just being with him will be perfect!!
I am excited for all the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" phone calls I will get from my grandmas, and my family... it's just nice to know they are still celebrating with me thousands of miles away.

Anyways... the "poor me" time is over... I snapped back to my normal self  :)

OH! and before I forget... my MIL Dora sent me a birthday package the other day... She sent me a beautiful BSU blanket... can't wait to snuggle with that and watch our Bronco's on TV oh so soon! And also 2 necklaces that are beautiful! I will take pictures when I wear them and post them.
Thanks again Dora!!! :)

I have to say... my best year yet was when I turned 26... I got engaged, I married the man of my dreams and started a new journey with him... I can't wait to see what 27 has to offer!!!
Oh and these next 3 years can go a little slower please... I don't feel like I'm on the road to 30 and would like to keep it that way for a while! :)

Happy Thursday y'all... it's ALMOST FRIDAY!!!!!!

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