Wednesday, August 31, 2011


This post is going to be SHORT with a capital S because I just took some pain meds and will be feeling quite loopy in a few minutes!
Surgery was Monday - checked in at 5:45 am and was being wheeled into my room around 12 noon... surgery itself took only 2 hours or so, but the prep time and the recovery time takes a bit longer. 
Day 1: ate a clear liquid diet that consisted of some broth, juice, jello and water. Yummm. All the tubes that were in me were: Cathater for my urine, IV tube for my fluids, IV tube for my meds, Pulse Ox to measure my breathing and heart rate, and a random blood pressure cuff every now and then. Around 5 I was able to eat a regular diet! yay. I was a little hungry by this point... 
In between everything Dr. M came in and said she took out my tumor which was huge, the size of a softball, cut it and sent it off to be biopsied, and they were able to leave my Right Ovary and Fallopian tubes. YES.... THEY LEFT MY OVARY!!!! I am the proud owner of 2 Ovaries!!! YAY!!!! 
Thank you Jesus!
She said she wanted me up walking sooner than later... so at around 8 that night I got up and tried my hardest. It Hurt. I was in tears. I thought I was going to pass out. I hate life. I wanted to just have Andy hold me and not let me go.
But, I managed to make it up the hall with my wonderful night nurse on one side and my amazing  husband on the other.
We slept horribly.
The nurse was in every hour checking on me, my breathing was a little off so she kept coming in and monitoring me. 
My poor hubby had to be up at 4:30, and I think he MAYBE got 1 hour of sleep. He's a champ.

So, Tuesday morning I got up at 6 and went on a walk... It was much different! I made a lap and a half! I was shocked... Then I felt like I was ready to pass out! ha! They were able to take my catheter out at that point, yay! but that meant I had to get up to walk to the bathroom... ugh. 
Breakfast came and I ate, lunch came and I ate that too... so then they took out my IV and pain pump tubes... YAY! Then my Dr came and said I could go home!!!!

Now comes to the home part... not really anything to report, except that my HUSBAND IS AMAZING!!!!! He is five steps ahead of me, he's there getting me up before I even ask, he reminds me to stand up straight, he walks me everytime I need to go to the bathroom, AND he's taking care of the dog and the things around the house. Honey, you are a rock star!!!!

I've basically been sleeping and drinking and eating, and then start all over.. fun right? 
If you don't like to talk bodily stuff: skip this part.
I haven't had a bowel movement yet. It's almost Thursday, last one was Sunday... no bueno. But I'm working on that... and they gave me plenty of medicine to help. Let's just hope it starts working. soon.

Anyways... there you have it! My life post-op. 
We should know by Thursday if the little tumor is cancerous or not. I'm feeling positive. 

Daisy knows mommy's hurt... she's been a very good girl! 

Flowers to brighten up my boring hospital room! 
Thanks mom, dad, Nate, Hattie and Mama! 
I also got a balloon boquet from some friends but forgot to take the picture! I was a little out of it, but thanks Melody, Carlos, CJ and Leo! 

Finally I was fully awake and there was my handsome husband to greet me! 
I love him! 

I snapped a picture of Andy trying to get some zzz's when I was suppose to be napping :) 

Thank you AGAIN for your thoughts and prayers!! 
And thank you to our friends the Wootens, Leo, and the Esquilin's for visiting us!! We love y'all! 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Surgery Eve...

Surgery eve... that sounds weird, but tomorrow is the big day!
Actually, 24 hours from now I'll be lying on the operating table wiiiiiide open. Yay. 

Ok, not really yay... but you get the point. 

I was up super early this morning and got the house all cleaned, and in the middle of doing laundry, hospital bag is packed, and now I'm relaxing for the rest of the day! And drinking lots of water since I can't have any after midnight :) 

Thanks for all your prayers! I'll see if I can teach Andy how to blog so he can get on here and let y'all know the outcome! 

Here are some specific prayer requests....
~ If possible, please keep my ovary and fallopian tubes
~ If not possible, please please please make sure nothing is on the left ovary... they said no in the Ultrasound but she was going to "take a look" while she had me opened up.
~ That I "stay asleep" and don't wake up during surgery... sounds weird, but I keep have re-occuring dreams that I wake up in the middle of surgery.
~ That my husband handles everything well... I'll be the first to say, when Andy had knee surgery, it was SO hard seeing him with tubes everywhere! And they were just for Oxygen and IV's! 
~ That Daisy is good for our friends The Wootens! 
~ That I have minimal pain. 

Is that too much to ask?? 
I just keep reminding myself that God will not give me anything that I can't handle! 

Check in is at 0545... bright and early!!

Have a great Sunday everyone! And thank you again for your thoughts and prayers!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekend... via pictures!

This weekend has been great so far!!! 

We got to face-time with Liz, Pat, Jacob and Jayson! 

We got super cute pictures of Jack from Jade! 

We got to hang out with our wonderful friends Todd, Kelly and Emily!
(We are convinced Daisy has a crush on Todd!) 

Todd played with Daisy so hard, that she slept from 11 pm - 9 am! Which mean mommy and daddy also got to sleep in!! Thanks Todd!!

Taking a break! 

Our little adopted niece Emily! 

We went to a new restaurant with great friends...

And ate AMAZING food!!! 

CJ even danced with one of the owners... 

Melody and I! 

My husband even sorta took a picture with me.... (he HATES pictures!) 

How cute are they?? 
Carlos, Melody and baby cupcake! (Melody is pregnant) 

They even celebrated Andy's birthday! (a little early....) 

and then CJ played us a sweet sweet song on the piano! 

There you have our weekend in pictures!! 

Tomorrow we are deep cleaning, doing laundry, and packing hospital bags... it's crazy to think that we are almost to surgery day!! 
I better run... Daisy is trying to squeeze herself into my lap. 

Have a great Sunday! 

Friday, August 26, 2011


I had my pre-op appointment this morning. Whew. Lots to take in!
We started at pre-admissions and went up to pre-op to do vitals (my BP was 105/55 by the way... go me!), went over the day of surgery stuff, what to do and what not to do Monday morning...
did you know you can't even have pretty painted fingernails when you go into the OR!
 After pre-op with the nurse I met with the nice lady who will make me go to sleep... also known as the anesthesiologist ... she was nice. She went over basic things like when they put me to sleep, how, when they stick the breathing tube in, when it comes out, etc.
Some things I could have gone without hearing... but ya know, that's just how it goes.
Then I went to get my blood drawn, I'm pretty sure they took enough! In fact, I wonder if they left any for me!  Ha!
Then we were on our way.
Nothing too exciting, just mainly to inform me... Now I'm ready! Bring on Monday. Let's get this thing out of me, and get the answers to the biopsy!

That's all. :)

Everyone have a great weekend! I know we will!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Crazy Daisy...

Our little Daisy Duke is really starting to make her parents crazy!!!

She doesn't seem to get that when she does her business (#2 in fact) that she needs to go OUTSIDE! Not inside! She goes potty outside now (thankfully!!!) but when it comes to pooping... she thinks it's ok to go in the house! And, this is after we've let her out a few times! I don't get it!!! She is going to live her life in her kennell if she doesn't start taking control of this!

Look at this cute face, it's so hard to punish her when she's so cute!

This is after she got in trouble for biting! We have a rolled up magazine that we spank her with, and some days it doesn't even seem to phase her!!

Of course after she gets in trouble by daddy, she wants to cuddle with mommy... or vice versa... depending on who the punisher was that day!!

Oh sweet Daisy, we love you so much but when you don't come when we tell you to come... or poop outside when we take you outside... you might just be "deported" as your daddy says!!
We won't give up on this lovable puppy, but we might have a few grey hairs and a sore hand from the spankings!
Is she trying to prepare us for parent-hood?!

Happy Thursday y'all!
Tomorrow I meet with pre-op... surgery is 4 short days away! whew!
As far as the update with how I'm feeling: I have more good days than bad, I can tell my body has had a break from the Doctors messing with me because I'm not as crampy or sore as I was. Thankfully! Now ask me after tomorrow! :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday!

I always see my dear friend Katie doing this... so I decided to link up!
It's my first time... so here we go! :)

1.) Dunkin Donuts' Turbo Coffee!
This gets me going every single morning... DD coffee and a little bit of Hazlenut creamer in my to-go mug and I'm on my way to work! :) I'll really know Andy's tired if he pours himself a cup!

2.) Clinique Eye Shadow!

I can't quite remember the name that I use, but it's a little bit lighter than this one... I want to say "Frost"... I've been using it for about 5 years, and even on days when I don't feel like "doing my eyes" I just slap a little of this on and I'm good to go! It just adds a little brightness to the eye. 

3.) Black Flat Sandles from Payless! 

This is mostly my every-day shoe! I really want to get the brown pair, but I already have a brown flat for work.... so I really can't justify it! I love these for work with my grey or khaki work pants! I love black, so it goes very well with my every-day work outfit! :)

4.) I am ESPECIALLY lovin' this man!

I have to add Andy in because I love him everyday!

That was fun! If I'm feeling up to it I'll link up next week!

On a side note... I read on my brother in law's page yesterday that our nephew Jacob starts Kindergarten today!! Have a great first day at school Jakey! We love you!!!

Happy Wednesday y'all!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I love my husband!

I love my husband.

I love him not only because he takes care of me, always puts my needs ahead of his, mostly always thinking positive, has the heart bigger than anyone, is so compassionate, caring, loving, and is oh so handsome... but I love him because last night... instead of watching Football he hands me the controller and says
"baby watch what you want to watch..."
seriously?! how ever did I get so lucky?!
So... we watched Bachelor Pad... who watches this by the way?? The ending was ridiculous! Who goes home... Jake or Kacey??
And then we watched Keeping up with the Kardashians!

Honestly... I think he secretly likes them, but he won't ever say anthing ;)

Anyways... just wanted to give him a shout out! :)
Love you babe!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bloggers Block...

Today I have what you would call a bloggers block.
I can't think of a single thing to post... and I saw on another blog I follow they did a post on their "dream home" so I'm taking my pictures from Pinterest and showing you my dream home...
To be honest, alot of it is doable... It would take quite a few trips to Hobby Lobby... but I'm pretty sure with the time (and energy)... we can some day have a home that looks like this!

I love this living room... I love how open it is!

I like the his and her office.
Of course we'd have to have a man cave...

I am in love with this hutch! I love distressed things!

Dream kitchen... nice and open!

I love this dining room!

Possibly a guest room....

Our room! I'm not sure Andy would go with the Zebra pillows...

This is nice too!

Guest bathroom...

Love the light fixture above the bathtub!

I like the mixture of light decor with the dark wood!

For the next part... NO WE ARE NOT PREGNANT... but I love these rooms for our future babies!

I love the soft pink, white and grey for a little girls room!

This is precious!

This is a must in our babies room!

Thanks for dreaming with me! :)
Happy Monday!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Results are IN!

First of all.... The CT results are in! 
My phone rang yesterday and it was "Winn OBGYN" calling... it's Saturday so why would they be calling, that's what I was thinking... so I picked up and  it was Dr. M! I said "what are you doing at work on a Saturday?" she said.. very excitedly... "I'm a OB, we're always here, but that's beside the point... your liver results are BENIGN!" 
That was probably the best thing I've heard all week. Benign. Whew. 1 down, 1 more to go! 
So, we will proceed with surgery as planned on August 29th. 
She wasn't sure what the spots are, but they could be something as simple as blood vessels... so I will have to have follow up CT scans every few years or so, just to make sure everything is still good. 

I love how Dr. M is so serious, but so sweet at the same time. 

Now... onto pictures...
Our weekend has been pretty un-eventful... Friday Andy and I went to dinner and a movie, it was fun. I always love going to the movie, especially with him! :) I have to tell you, we found "cuddle seats" as we like to call them... at the movie theater we go to, the first row of the top section are "cuddle seats" basically meaning the arm rest goes up so we can snuggle. Now that we have found those seats, we try to sit there! I was smart this time and brought a blanket that my MIL made me, it's the PERFECT movie blanket. You have to remember, since it's so hot here... the movie people CRANK the AC.... so it's about 60 degrees in there! hence... the blanket.
This was at dinner!

These last pictures were taken the other night while we went to our friends The Wootens house for dinner! Todd is an amazing cook, and we had delicious steak! yum yum! Their daughter Emily is just adorable!!! 

Emily LOVES Uncle Andy!! 

I snapped a picture while he was watching TV. 

My little buddy! 

Seriously, is she not the cutest thing ever?! She's 2 and she is SO SO SO smart!! Andy and I are always asking Todd and Kelly parenting advice and what they did with Emily, because she is seriously the smartest and cutest little 2 year old!! 
We love you miss Emily!! 

Also... a big THANK YOU to all of you that read this! Since going private I kinda get to see who reads this, and there are so many of you!!! I had no idea!! Now...y'all need to start blogging so I can blog stalk you too! :) 

Happy Sunday y'all! 

Friday, August 19, 2011


Today is my Uncle Jim's birthday... I always remember his birthday because it's exactly a week after mine!
Happy Birthday Uncle Jim!!!!
Thanks for always being there for me, and for loving Andy like you've know him forever!!
I know his beautiful fiance' will spoil him rotten!! Those 2 are just ADORABLE!!!!

p.s. sorry about the 3 posts in 1 day but that's how random my brain has been! :)

Goin' Private!!

Ok Y'all... I'm going private!!
I just feel like lately all this info about what is going on in our life is just out there in plain sight and it's time for us to be a little more careful about what we (I) put out there...

So... email me your email address and I'll send you an invite! Or if you visit this by the time it's been blocked, I apologize... but good news is that I "ok'd" you to come back and visit!! :)

Thanks for understanding!! 

and look at this cute face!! oh my goodness, he's too much!!!

Happy 6 Months!

How is it that it's our 6 month anniversary?!

Seriously... this time 6 months ago I was getting my hair curled, my make-up done, putting my dress on and was BEYOND excited to walk down the aisle and marry the man of my dreams!!

How is it that we've gone through so much in only 6 months!! 

HALF A YEAR.... it just blows my mind!!!

I love you more today than I did the day I married you... You put up with my stupborn ways, you spoil me more than I deserve, you love me even at my worst, you are always one step ahead of me, you provide for our family and are so self-less when it comes to your own needs, you are always concerned with my needs and my feelings, you are a great daddy to Daisy, you are SO patient, you are always strong for me... especially through the last 14 days... You continue to amaze me with your love, strength, and desire to just be a better husband.
You are absolutely amazing and I adore you!!!
Thank you for the best 6 months of my life! I love you so much!!!
xoxo ~ sweetheart

I married the most handsome, hottest, cutest, good lookin' man in the world! ;)

My hero!