Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where do my days go?!

Well I have to say... life has been super super busy for the Rodriguez household!

This is how my schedule goes...
7 am... wake up from Daisy crying to go potty... if I'm lucky she'll let me sleep a little more
Depending on if Andy has PT take him to PT at 8
9:30 Come home eat a quick breakfast and drive 45 minutes to work...
10:45 am get to work and leave at 8 pm...
8:45 make dinner if neither of us has eaten (it's usually something lite since it's almost 9 by the time we eat!), watch a little TV while playing tug of war or fetch with Daisy
10 pm go to sleep!
Next day... get up and do it all over again!

Andy goes to Physical Therapy 2 times a week and then does his exercises daily....during the day he tries to rest, while taking care of Daisy... thankfully Daisy is a good napper, so she will curl up against her daddy and take a snooze with him... I think she knows she needs to be extra good!
We do have some good news... Andy is almost off the crutches! He is down to 1 crutch, and will soon be completely rid of them! He's doing great with healing and goes back to work next week. I think I'm more anxious than he is!
I still have a few of our 4th of July pictures to put up, but I just have been too busy! I've worked the last 2 Saturday's... so hopefully this weekend I can catch up. We have some new pictures of our big girl Daisy too! She moved up to the "mansion" as Andy likes to call her new XL Dog Crate... she LOVES it! She sleeps better, so all in all... everyone sleeps better! :)

I put on Facebook last week a question about how to train puppies to potty outside... I think we might have found the trick! CHEESE! Dogs *love* cheese! She is getting way better about going to the door and doesn't dilly dally when she's done... she races right inside and goes and sits at the edge of the kitchen so she can get her cheese treat. We will buy her a cheese plant if that's what it takes!!

On a side note.. I never thought I would be that "pet parent" who always talks about their dog... but she's too cute to not talk about! If you are tired of it, sorry!

Have a great week and I will try to add some pictures on when I get a minute!

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