Saturday, July 16, 2011


Once again.... I plan for a nice quiet weekend at home and of course things come up and we are on the move again! It's now almost 5:00 and we are sitting down and watching movies (we would be watching TV but our Direct TV is out for a few days... ugh!). Oh, and since our TV is out and won't be fixed until Tuesday morning, I can't watch Bachelorette :( Thankfully I'm not SUPER into this season... but I would like to watch! Oh well. 

Friday night Andy and I went out with our friend Jason... we went to Buffalo Cafe for dinner... we have been wanting to try this place so we figured it would be a good night... we were a little disappointed. The corn on the cob was to die for, but the rest wasn't that great. Oh well! Worth a try!
Then we went to see Harry Potter... to be honest, I'm not a HP fan...never have been. I almost fell asleep, and it was freeeeezing cold so that didn't help! I even went out to the lobby at one point to de-frost! 

Today I got up and cleaned the house then we went grocery shopping. We put Andy in a motorized cart at Wal Mart and went at it! Quite honestly, I probably should have just gone alone because I think it took twice as long! There was one point I had to go searching the store for him because he scooted off! Of course, I found him in the electronic section! 

My parents bought Andy and I a combined birthday gift... so we went to Lowe's to pick that up today! We got a NICE grill and some grilling accessories to go with it!!!


So tonight we are grilling out steaks and veggies! I'm so excited to be able to use this thing 11 months out of the year!! 

Here are some pictures of the weekend so far!

He's the cute part of our pictures together!! :)

There it is! 

Where the magic happens! 

Our pup loves to run outside but prefers to lay her head down inside! 

Even Daisy is excited for the grill!! 
(It looks like she is licking her lips here! ha!) 

Our friend Jason!

Daisy and Pinkie (Pinkie #3!) 

The guys got some new socks that are lined with lotion inside... they just had a 10 minute conversation about how comfortable they are and how they feel so good on the feet! 
I wish another girl was here to witness this! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! 

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